Monday, October 19, 2009

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! We spent most of the week/weekend couped up...I had my tonsils out Monday (week ago) and am a weanie when it comes to pain:) I spent the majority of the week laying around whining, while Brad stepped it up and did laundry (a lot of laundry)and played mommy role. (thanks Brad!) Him and Braxton had so much fun together without me getting in the way! Thanks Gramma Sheri for taking Braxton the majority of the week and for Gramma Jody for being here so early the day of surgery! For some reason, I only managed to get pictures with the 'grandpas' though..sorry Gramma's!

hey Grandpa, get off your phone and pay attention to me!!!

that's more like it!

grandpa John
i just love how happy he wakes up from nap!

gee, guess who is over there making him smile:) ..he LIGHTS up for his daddy!

how do I get back in there???

HI mom!

like i said...LOVES his daddy!!!

***Braxton got to see his cousins briefly yesterday...long enough for Uncle Chad to put them both on the scale. They both came in weighing a whooping 16 pounds each!!! Looks like "Little" Harper isn't going to be tagged that anymore!!!***

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Accomplishing lots these past weeks....Enjoy the pictures...seeing himself in the mirror makes him giggle!!!

Going to the football game...GO BULLDOGS!!!

Maybe if we would put him down long enough.,..we would've realized sooner that he can sit up on his own!!!

Eating cereal like such a good boy...notice how clean his face is...

...and notice how 'not so clean' he is when daddy feeds him... (just teasing Brad!)

...remember a few months ago when these two took pictures side by side..and it looked like my kid could swallow his cousin whole...Harper is gaining on Braxton!!!

...and Harper seems to find that pretty funny!!!

Harper, Big Sister Charli, and Braxton "hanging out"