Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

Worked a little late tonight getting everyone beautiful for the new year!  So, we stayed in.  Brad made steak and we watched some tv, and Braxton played with Uncle Dillon.   Now, 11pm, and I don't think we will make it til midnight!!!!  
 2013 was good to us in many ways.   Keeping good thoughts as we roll into 2014.   I was told today by a Great friend, that: you can't worry about what you cannot control.  You can control what you worry about.  And that is your thoughts, words, and actions.    I am a big worrier, so these words from her fit me well!!!!  Thank you!!!

Chillin with Uncle Dillon
Rough housin;)

Happy 2014!!!

Another Christmas...

Braxton's new Jammie's;)
O boy!?
We caught santa!!!!!!!!!!!
Eating Oreos.... Braxton said he just had to eat two because he touched them.   And they had his germs!!  
Duck kisses;)
A night out with great high school friends!!
Braxton patiently waiting to open his present from great grandma Korth!!
He loves it!!!!!
Frauendorfer Christmas!   
He was so excited to see grandpa, grandma, and roger!!!
This brings tears to my eyes!!!!!   Grandpa was just watching him as he talked miles a minute!
Present time!!!
Ok.  So growing up I was scared of uncle Paul....Braxton loves him and doesn't understand what there is to be scared of?!?!!    Hmmm....his 6'4 height???? 12 inch long beard?????? Hair to the waist???(ok, hair doesn't scare me) his gruff voice!??!?!!?? 

Busselman Christmas

Jaxson in his new car

Ninja turtles!!!
New hats!!!
Kiddos with grandma and grandpa!!
Where is Braxton ?!!?
Semis from Jesse and amber!!!!  His new facial expressions kill me!!!
Separating corn and beans!!!!

Great grandma Korth Christmas yet to come!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


I asked him to smile....
Santa came!!!!
First....we put the Oreos out!!!

He was less than impressed with his robe from us...he later liked it!
Yay!!  Room to grow
My first angel tree topper from the boys!!!
In awe Christmas morning!!
A gun for dad!!!   Braxton thought it was his
Car erector set!!!
Bow and arrow, lego holder, Legos, erector  set, planet puzzle, monster truck remote control, art set, despicable me movies, pez, window markers, spider man undies, moose jamas, snow boots, animal eraser interchangeables, superman hooded towel......
Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas at our house!

I get a little bitter at holiday season...I hate not having my sister around to celebrate with us, and I hate going going going all the time....and it's just so rushed for everyone. People get crabby, work gets stressful, too much money gets spent!!! So, with that being put out there, every year I try harder to deal with it, because it's just how life goes.  The true meaning is celebrating Jesus' birthday!!!  We all need to focus more on that!   Not who can give more presents, or who can outdo the other!!  This year, together, Brad and I have decided to step it back a little. So sorry, y'all, you may not get much from us..haha!!   Dont let me fool you, Braxton will still somehow rake it in...
My point of this paragraph...I will be glad once things are back to our normal routine!  Ba humbug!! Ha

Braxton was excited to get a dump truck from Conner!!!  We have so much fun letting the kids draw names!  It allows them one nice present from a cousin!
 Family picture time.  For the first time I skipped doing Christmas cards.  It was just to hectic to find 500+addresses after my computer crashed earlier this year!  Excuses excuses!!
Little apples to apples!
These. Boys. crack. me up!   They came out of Braxton's room dressed up in some hunting gear!
I think that's Braxton with uncle Hairy Chad?!?!!
Missing Conner and Londyn:( but here 3 are pretty cute!
Gma Deb and kiddos 
Uncle Dillom and kiddos
Gpa and Gma P with kiddos
Uncle Dillon and his gf, Ali ( on her 15th bday) so glad they came!
Gma stayed later to play a little more!   Meant the world to Braxton!  He was trying to get her to spend the night.  Offered her he spare bedroom int he basement, and even his bed!!
May all of your holiday plans treat you all well.  Be safe, happy, healthy, and remember to celebrate Jesus' birthday!!!
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting closer to Christmas!!

I asked Braxton, "will you write daddy's name on this present?"   I turn to this. Ha!!!   He can spell dad, but I guess I did say "his name" , not daddy!!   
My clients spoil us all!!!!   Thanks Fred and Pat!!!!   Such a lucky little boy to have such wonderful people in his life!!
My "12:30 lunch date" yesterday!!!   
Braxton sneaking an early present from Gma deb since we stopped over!!!