Sunday, February 27, 2011

We have at our house...a puppy, a cow, a kitty, and now a 'baby'! These are some of the things Braxton's imagination has been coming up with! There are many kids younger than Brax at daycare, so he likes to play 'baby'...He looks so funny, he's SO big:)

Braxton and Daddy made me a birthday cake!!!!Double-layer chocolate!!!MMM!!! We will forever be giving this child rides in something I swear! We had to tote him around in this all afternoon:)

Braxton got 2 sleepovers at Gma B's this weekend!!! (Thanks Gma)We have never gone out 2 nights on the weekend since we had him...and although it was SO fun to hang with friends, I don't think I will go out that much again! It's so hard to start the week off 'behind on sleep'. Braxton had to take his big ol blanket to Gma's for the slumber party!
Hope everyone had a great February, and happy March is around the corner:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Braxton's new thing while I attempt to take a picture is to say, "cheeseburger":) Funny little boy! As much as I HATE to admit this, he has been showing a few signs of the....yep, I'm gonna say it,...the "terrible 2's"!!! The tattle-tailing on daddy and grandpa has been pretty funny, though:)
I made the dumb mistake of telling someone that Braxton hasn't been to the dr since 15 months, and is almost 2!!!...Boy was that a jinx or what! RSV the very next day:( There were some cases of it at his daycare, so to be expected. He seems to be getting over his hacking each and everyday!
I try to take Thursdays off for 'housework' and catch up on 'things', but lately I have been working M-T-W-Thursdays-F and Saturdays, so you can IMAGINE what our house looks like...just picture a mini tornado passing thru:( So, it was WONDERFUL to have 1/2 the day off today!!! Braxton and I have accomplished SO much! We even finished taxes (tooting my own horn here!) Braxton has been a BLAST today!!!
............if only I could find him..............

Braxton had so much fun when Gma & Gpa P stopped by:) little grocer shopper...
...and he is SOOOOOOOOO GOING to HATE me someday for this!! He really wasn't posing, but it sure looks that way!!! Sportn' the new cars undies:) (sorry Brad, had to post it!) I now call him Tom!!!haha
Cool shades from Vday!
our own little Shrek...he watches daddy clean his ears after, monkey see, monkey do very own mechanic!!! I heard this 'noise' and this is what I find...He's got a screwdriver in one hand and a hammer in the other, with the cycle tipped on it's side...he said it was 'broken'. I assume it's a harley:0)hahaha...just teasing Gpa Bob!
..and this is the 'cheeseberger' shot:)
Have A GREAT weekend Everyone!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

67* DEGREES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?!?! What a beautiful Sunday! I didn't accomplish much today that I wanted...we did though start are day off with church, followed by a quick errand/neccessity trip to Norfolk while the boys slept (JEALOUS!) and then cleaned, and off to play practice! Yep, I said it, I am in the town play at the end of March! I can't believe how much fun I am actually having with it! I will keep you all posted with dates and times!

Brad and I actually had an 'abnormal' week last week. We went to VEGAS for 5 days!!! AHHH...WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We missed Braxton like CRAZY, but it was nice for "us" to have some time together as well! We went out with another couple, which they were a BLAST! I guess that's about all I can know how it goes...what happens if Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Hee hee

Thanks Again to ALL the Gmas & Gpas for taking such GREAT care of our lil man!!! Before we left, Braxton 'insisted' on helping me clean...why can't his father????

In attempt to weigh our luggage, Braxton wanted to weigh in...weighing in at 22lbs...YAY!!! (while eating string cheese:)

The boys 'coloring' so nicely...


...this sad little picture is what happens when Braxton repeatedly stands up on the furniture... he stood so nicely next to the snowman, without touching him...WHY? is my snowman out yet??I do not know...

Standing infront of the water light show! How PRETTY!
Ya just can't go anywhere without running into someone you know! Brad and I posing...with Larry Wiese to join...HA
Girls just wanna have fun....
We ran into MORE people we knew in Vegas...I'm the 'cow', Brad the 'fireman', Lyle the 'pimp', Barbie the 'pirate'?, Wiese the 'cock', Alan the 'joker' and Brad the 'clown', I would say all the parts fit everyone QUITE well....HAHAHAHA!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy GroundHog Day!!!!!! That little varmit must've gotten my message...I hear he didn't see his shadow??! YAY!!! Braxton came home from "Little Saints Daycare" and had some pretty cool things he made there! He made his own version of the groundhog popping out of the hole...Too Cute!!! He also made a dinosaur with 'spikes' on his back! What Fun Stuff they do there!!! He also that night was still feeling pretty 'crafty' so we started working on decorating our valentine's!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy with what you ask?!??! We have been having some good ol fun at the Busselman's!!! Braxton is still learning to use the poddy, although we as parents are learning it is a CHORE for us to take him ALL the time! It's going okay...hoping he catches on a little more soon:) He has been talking SO much lately...wonder where he gets that 'rambling on and on' from***
Braxton has been L*o*v*i*n*g to wear daddy's glasses lately...even attempts to read a magazine with them on...pretty funny considering he can't READ or SEE thru the things (I'm talking about Braxton, not Brad :0)
"Uncle Lyle" paid us a suprise visit last week, and managed to play the 'uncle' role and teach my son to play the 'drums' with colors...on the chair..floor...counter...etc! And taught him to 'throw' books up in the air.....Thanks Lyle! The next night Lyle walked towards the door while we were eating supper and Brad asked him who was at the door...he plainly said, "Lyle"...HOW CUTE***WINNER WINNER WINNER***
Braxton didn't let the single digit temps, or the frozen snot on his nose slow him down this past Saturday...he got out on the Lindsay Puddle for the Knights of Columbus Ice Fishing Tourney and WON!!! Won the cutest little set of lures...too bad he won't get them for awhile...(he may of had a tad of help from Daddy:)
The boys decided one night to have a 'slumber party' on the living room floor...Braxton gave daddy a kiss goodnight...............
...and go figure...guess who was asleep first?!?!?!?!?!??!!?? They both actually slept in those spots till 7am the next morning...and, well, I, I got a bed ALL TO MYSELF!!! I LOVE slumber parties!!!
Cowboy up!!! Braxton got "2" cowboy hats from Gma & Gpa B for Christmas...
(pardon the green candy stuck to his face)...and what cowboy doesn't have it in black??!?!?...and Yea, he had to go get my boots...I just LOVE this pic:) he's looking thru his john deere catalog:)
...And what else do you do on a 'Snow Day'??? You BAKE with MOM!!! This is what happens when little boys don't listen when you tell them to turn it on speed 1, not 8!!! Boy did he giggle!!!
P.S. Cinnamon rolls @ our house....
What are we going to do when he doesn't fit in the clothes basket anymore?? This thing has brought so much joy to him!!!
Not only did we spend the day at home, Braxton got to have his 2nd Cousin, Abbree over for a little play date! Of course, monkey-see, monkey-do, he had to eat at the island like Abbree.
..they got to play farm and every other toy by the looks of it:)
Hope everyone is safe in this lovely blizzard we are having...Have a GREAT month of February...and shoot that little fuzzy groundhog if he makes winter last any longer...We want to go play OUTSIDE and not freeze in the process:)