Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

I'm a little late, but I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We hosted my dad & Jody, my mom & little Brother, my big bro and his family, and Brad's older sister and family...we had a houseful! (the rest of Brad's family went to Pittsburgh by his littlest sister)(my sis was at her inlaws) It was fun being able to make all the food on my new appliances:)  It is quite nice having 2 ovens!!!  I think all the food was good?!?? 
Saturday night we went to Brad' Gma Korths...Braxton LOVES playing at 'Grandma Korfus's house'
This is my little brother getting attacked by Harper.Charli.Braxton
 Pile up on Aunt Brenda.Harper.Duck.Braxton
 Brax was thrilled to decorate his LHF Bulldog tree over the weekend!
 Mr.  Muscles got coveralls like daddy:)
 Braxton got to go pheasant hunting with daddy, Gene, Brandon, and a few others Sunday.  It made his day!!
My dad's brother, Ivan, passed away last night.  He is in a peaceful place and out of pain now.  It has been VERY hard on all my dad's siblings, and their kids, and kids' kids.  Ivan was such a laid back, worry-free, easy going guy.  While we are all missing him greatly, Heaven gained one great Angel!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prayers for Isaac

Brad's cousin was hurt in a football game last week.  Please keep Isaac and his family in your prayers.  You can follow along for updates on Caring Bridge.  (Isaac Pfeifer)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mommy & Me

Years ago when Brad would be gone deer hunting, us 'deer widows' would get together and eat, shop, and drink a little...ever since Braxton came along, we turned it into 'mommy & me' fun weekend!!!  And BOY, did we have FUN!!!  We started Friday night off having supper with Gma Sherri, and the Hoefers.  Braxton always has fun with cousins!  We ended the night with a popcorn party at home.  Saturday we headed to the zoo!  Who would've thought 75degrees in November?!?  Well, obviously the entire state of Nebraska had the same idea!  It was packed!  We had Aunt Kelly meet us there, and Braxton had a BLAST with her!  (we may have ruined her Saturday plans..everytime she went to leave Brax conned her into staying 'a little bit more':)
The cutest Octopus and Scuba diver;)
 These fish are HUGE!!!   Ever since we have been going to the zoo, I have had this fear of falling over this bridge and being attacked by HUGE fish!!!HA!! 
 Can you see that lazy bear laying there?  I'm so glad when we were leaving town, I ran the checklist by Braxton...and he replied with, "mom, ya got my stroller incase my little legs get tired?"  WHEW...good thinking!!!
 Another Bear.  Kelly and I were laughing, there were so many animals we didn't even know what they were!!!
 Thankful he let me in the pic with this giant turtle!!
 If I remember, Aunt Kelly wanted in this pic!
 ...and show me your silly face!
 Should've lined him up with this fella every year and gotten a pic...I don't recall seeing him before...
 So, last time we came, the penguin pooped in the water, and Braxton has giggled about it ever since.  Guess what, the penguin went again!  I think the penguins were his favorite part!!  Aunt Kelly even surprised him with a penguin!  (which he sleeps snuggled up with!)
 Well, Braxton lined up the bar stools, and the chair tables, perfectly in 2 rows behind one another, and it was his 'bus'.  He was giving me a ride in this photo.  He even stops the bus, and helps you off:)  I LOVE the imagination he has.  While we both miss daddy soooo much, I'm thankful for the time him and I get together!
...Sunday led to another surprise! Braxton got to go to his first movie at the Theater!  Aunt Brenda, & Cousins Charli, and Harper invited him to see "Wreck it Ralph".  I have to say, it's been 9 years since I've been at  theater:(  We ALL had so much fun!  I LOVED hearing him giggle out loud when no one else was!!   I cannot wait for us to go again!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Part 2...

Our little Pirate had a Halloween Party at daycare in Humphrey, and he decided to be a Cowboy!  I guess when parents tell me they don't buy their kids' costumes till last minute, I understand why.  Braxton has a buddy, Brandon who was also a cowboy, and I'm assuming that's where the influence came from. 
Sunday Night at Gma & Gpa B.'s
 Being silly with Aunt Kelly
 (Halloween night) Braxton & Gma Deb
 Gma Jody*Braxton*Gpa Bob
 I just love this!  Braxton's friend, Jett, (who he hasn't seen in awhile because Jett no longer goes to daycare) was a cute little dinosaur!  They casually walked away and were chatting it up like old friends do:) 
 Well, informative, I am---I love how Braxton is smiling at Great Grandma Korth...the rest of the story--they are giggling because he tooted on her!!!  SILLY BOY!!
 Great Grandma Frauendorfer*Great Grandpa Jim*Braxton
(I went to correct the red eye and somehow turned him gray-oops!)
 I wish we could've seen Great Gpa Allen & Gma Lois, but there just wasn't enough time to travel..
He discovered these teeth!  It looks like a giant pacifier!
Trip down memory lane..
Growing up, my sister won EVERY coloring contest possible! (I'm over it, really, not bitter at all)Well, Braxton was at Gma Jody's one day and colored this picture.  She submitted it to the grocery store, and he won!  I had no idea, so when I got a strange call asking if I was Braxton's mother?  I was tempted to ask, "why, what did he do?!"  Ha...but I think those calls will come a few years down the road..hopefully never though:)  The gal told me there were hundreds in his age group, and he won!  SO EXCITING! He got a huge goodie bag of: erasers, pumpkin drink cup, cookies, candy, juice boxes, tattoos, etc.  He was thrilled when we picked it up. Thankfully, because our next stop was the dentist.  He had so much fun.  FUN at the dentist you are asking?!  YEP!  They were giggling the whole time.  He daily tells me he would like to go back!  Teeth were Perfect she said!
(of course we couldn't smile nicely)
Hard to believe November is here, and it was 60's yesterday! We Brad cleaned out the gutters yesterday, while I trimmed all the shrubs down.  Braxton had a blast playing in the sand box!  I am excited to start decorating the house for Christmas!  Braxton is at a great age for Santa!!  He, like most kids, is already anxious for the holiday, and SNOW!!!
Happy November