Monday, July 30, 2012

Meaningful Monday...

Happy Monday!! 
I am SO excited for August to be around the corner!!  We had a little bit of a house issue last week, and we are ready to move forward!!  I'm a little cranky over the situation (so we will discuss it later:)(no worries though!all will be fine)
 This cheeseball always makes me smile!!!
 This was the vehicles parking in the 'fire hall' tonight:)
...and when I returned to work today, these were awaiting my arrival!!! Thanks Hon!!!  L*O*V*E surprises*

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Braxton went "neccessity" shopping with me last week and picked out some new jammas!!!  If I say that he is in love with them, that would be an understatement!!  We generally take bath everynight and it's just like me to toss clean jammies on him...we were on day 3 of these jammies before I got different ones on him the other night!  I hope it is always this easy to make him happy!
He could not wait til daddy got home from golf to show him!
 No idea what this was about!  I come into his room and he was 'farming in circles' he told me! That's  a pretty good circle buddy!!!  He cannot get  enough of this farming business! If you are not aware of this, Braxton is a shy child!  Shy at first, then opens up.  I like to say he starts off as his daddy and turns into mommy:)  He approached Alan Bender the other day and even asked him for corn to farm with (thanks Alan...for now we have piles in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen:)
 Remember the Smart cycle from Santa?!  He is finally able to consistently pedal it!!  He told me the other day he can't wait for his elf to come back so he can kiss him and tell him thanks for always bringing him presents!!Aw!
 Here we go!  Brad, and many of the fellow hunting boys have been gutting a camper and remodeling it for a place to sleep while hunting!  It really is coming along!  Braxton got to help the other morning.  So cute when he came out of his room with all these tools, and safety glasses on!! (Notice the corn freshly washed and drying on the towel!!)
I am a little sad to think deer hunting is almost here...because that means cold weather and mom left behind!  Braxton has been hearing so much talk about praying for rain, the other night he randomly told me he is praying for SNOW!!!  Heck, we will take it!!!
It is insane how fast the summer went!  Only a few short weeks left, and kids will be back at school, and pools closed:(  I finally got to take Brax the other day after lessons!  He loves that he can run in the baby pool, but he did let me take him into the big pool! It was so fun being able to watch him go off the board (with a little nudge)  He gets braver everyday!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good to know!

On our way to daycare this morning, Braxton clued me in on a few things!
He told me, "mom, if your van breaks, me and my dad will come with the tow truck and we will find a whole under the van and hook up the rope and we will pull you to the shop and dad and me will fix it, because we are a team mom!"
I hope my van doesn't break!!
Then, he proceeded to tell me he would like a blue van like Sue Werner!  Guess the kid has an opinion!  Wants to ride in style! It won't be long, and that van will soon be nothing but embarrassing to him:)
Happy week everyone!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lesson learned

*N*O*T*E to SELF...
When doing laundry for a 3 year old boy, ALWAYS CHECK POCKETS!!!   ALL-WAYS!!!!
This is what I found waiting in my dryer...
Braxton's friend, Maddie:)

Fair Times

Braxton has really been into art lately,whether it be chalk, paint, or markers!

 We bared the heat Friday night and went to the Madison County fair.  Braxton LOVED the animals!  His favorite was the bunnies!!!
 He thought it was hilarious that the sheep wanted to eat his fan!!!
 Guess we watch swamp people a little too often...he enjoyed the alligators!!  He was glad 'they had their mouths roped shut!!'
 So this looks enjoyable, right?!  2 laps into it, bloody screams and tears were going!  I was that parent who had the ride stopped so he could get off:)
 Ohh...but the slide was GREAT fun!!!!
 What better way to end the evening?!  We stopped at the local 'cafe' to see Uncle Lyle. Braxton got to enjoy his first taste of sasparilla!!!!  And, he really didn't care for it! WHEW!! He actually had more fun blowing bubbles into it!  I don't believe this pop tasting will happen again!!  But, it was fun to try ONCE!
The boys went to the monster trucks Saturday, (without me--yep, I'm still bitter!!)  They didn't bring any pictures, but they have been telling me lots of stories!!  

Friday, July 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th!(for those of you who are supersticious...look out:))
I woke up this happy day to a nice ice cold UNWANTED ice cold shower.  Seems after the gas company left yesterday, there was a slight malfunction, and my pilot light was not lit this morning:(  It got me thinking, that when your day starts off the way you aren't wanting, you just have to GET OVER IT, because I believe if you make the comment, "uh, can it get any worse??"--you are challenging something...and YES it can get worse! We all got out the door on time, with snacks, our show and share toy, and our bike for bike day!  WHEW!  I even had to wake Brax this morning!  He had a very exhausting playdate with Grandma Sheri yesterday!!  I think they played with every toy possible (inside the house and out!!)
Tonight we are hoping to take Braxton to one of  the many fairs going on around the area...Madison, Platte, and Boone are going...hate that they are at the same time!
The boys went to the combine demo in Albion Tuesday while I worked:(  I'm soooo unbelieveably jealous, but I LOVE the relationship the boys have!  They are such buddies!!  Brad is teaching him so much, and I don't think either of them realize it!!! Can ya tell I'm sad to be left behind?!  I didn't realize that at the age of 3 Braxton would be on the go so much!
Next week Braxton starts another round of swimming lessons!  I am so excited!! We feel that lessons are a must, so hopefully he enjoys them as well:)
Looks like the start of a beautiful weekend..although we will keep praying for rain!!!
(pictures to follow soon!)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Braxton and our neighbor Jerry were battling out whose 4wheeler was faster...looks to me like Braxton may be winning:)

 ..depending on the finish line...they are both winning...
 Braxton and I took 'mommy & me' swimmimg lessons the month of June in Albion.  They recently redid their pool, so it was FREEZING!!!  Braxton did 'okay'..each time we went was a whole different experience.  He went from a fish in the water that I couldn't even hold onto!!  (he of course had floaties on)
 Braxton's instructor, Lonelle!  She gave them all adorable cookies with fish and their names' on it! He thought that was the best part!
Braxton's new 'boat/canoe' as he called it:)  
We had sooo much fun catching lighening bugs!  When I was younger, my neighbor and I had such a blast catching these bugs...I'm glad Braxton enjoys it!!
The little fishermen...