Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2nd PLACE!!!

Gosh!!!!---I'm behind at  updating our lives! In a nut shell...Braxton got over the flu...I got the over it...Brad got chicken pox YES, chicken pox..he is slowly getting over them...and now here we are!
Braxton did the Knights Of Columbus Ice Fishing Tourney and got 2nd place, with 8 fish!  His daddy was P.R.O.U.D!!!!!  (and so was I !)
 He is sooo proud of his trophy!!!!  As soon as he got home, he cleared his dresser and made room for it!
 The fellow fishermen/women in his age bracket!
 FOR SALE:  1997 Wilderness....we luckily got to upgrade... I will share pictures of that soon:)
 Out for a ride:)  We are getting MAJOR cabin fever at our house!!!
Hope everyone reading this is healthy!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Truth be told...

I use this blog for many things..but mainly for my referrance back, though!  I keep telling myself I will remember this, and that, but truth be told, we ALL know I will forget!!  I do send this blog to book and get it printed, and it is so fun to look at it from time to time.  It reminds me of good times, funny comments, and it makes me thankful for so many things!!  It also makes me aware that we are raising an almost 4 year old!!!  Who, is getting a little attitude/personality....
which leads me to story time....
Be Prepared!!!
....We started a behavior chart at home with simple/challenging tasks on it.  It dawned on me, that we do so much for Braxton, and  not because he can't, but because it is easier for us!  So, slowly we are changing our ways, and learning to take more time!  We didn't just throw Braxton to the wolves, but we are transitioning!  On his chart are things such as, {wake up happy, dress ourself, help set/clear the table, no whining, no talking back, pick up/put away toys, go to bed and STAY in our bed til morning} are a few to mention...
So, Monday went well, more stickers than X's.  X's are a negative:(
Tuesday morning, he woke up so excited to review his chart!  I asked him, "did you wake up happy?" "YEP Momma, I did!!YAY!!!!!!"  (So excited!)  So, sticker!
Next, I ask, "Did you go to bed and stay there allll night?"  With a sigh....he puts his head down, shrugs his shoulders....and I hear,  "ahhhh dammit...."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I'm soooorrrrryyyy mommy, I said a  naughty word!  Now I don't get a sticker....dammit!!!   O Momma, I said it again! Get the soap"  TEARS are flowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to tell you, but this all happened so fast, and I was shocked, but at the same time, I did chuckle abit:/   I think I was just at shocked as he was that he said it.  Unfortunately, I will take the blame.  I have found myself saying that word before:(  Hey, are you perfect?!!
It's a learning experience for all of us at our house.
Today, on our way to daycare, Braxton asks if I remember Kenna & Carson's big church?!  I told him I do.  He followed with telling me how he really misses Uncle Ivan.  That was where we had his wake/funeral, so that is where Braxton last saw him, and he remembers that.  I'm not sure why he randomly brings him up, but I'm glad he remembers him!  Then, he asked if Uncle Ivan had angel wings, and if they were big or little.  This little boy makes me smile so much!  I was a bawling mess by the time we got to daycare, but it was happy tears to be able to talk about Ivan.  Braxton asks so many questions about Jesus, Heaven, babies, many questions that I don't know if I'm answering correctly or not, but I'm trying my best.
Today, he also asked.  "Mom, if Calli is at my house playing, can I kiss her since she is at my house?"  NO!!!!!!!  We never kiss anyone except Mom and Dad!   Otherwise we spread germs.  He followed with, "but mom, I can kiss Grandma's and Grandpas, right!?!?"  RIGHT!!!!