Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sicky Sicky

When I was younger, my brother used to tease me when I had the flu.  (mean, I know!)  Remembering back to those days, it seemed I was hardly ever sick.  I was that kid who got the 'perfect attendance' award at the end of the school year awards banquet.  EMBARRASSING!
So, now looking at it, I feel like Braxton is sick ALL THE TIME!   I am THANKFUL that his sicknesses are curable and not life threatening...but it still stinks to have him sick so often!!!  The 3rd week of January, he spiked a fever late Monday night, kept it til Thursday.  By that Sunday, he ended up with the stomach flu/diarrhea, and he's holding onto it 4 days later.  Poor little guy is weak, and miserable.  These are the times I wish I could just be a stay-at-home mom!
I hope the rest of you are staying healthier than we.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We took Braxton to the Monster trucks in Council Bluff a few weeks ago!  He was pretty tired by the tiime we got there, but he still had fun!  He loves to wear his 'ears' as he calls them!
 This is his $15.00 hat that came with a small, and I mean small bag of cotton candy!  Daddy-he's a push over!   Braxton doesn't like cotton candy, but that night he told Brad he thought maybe he would like it)
 Waiting for the show to start...
 Swimmin' at the hotel!