Sunday, June 24, 2012

On the road again

We took off Thursday for Casper Wyoming, to Brad's cousin, Alishas' wedding.  A few weeks prior we had her shower and a BBQ, so Braxton refers to her as, "the girl on the couch".  No, she is not lazy;) --she was trying to rest and Brax kept bothering her!  He grew quite attached to her!  He could not wait to see her in her dress!!!
So, whether it was the 8 hours in the car, the junkfood snacks, the altitude, the swimming at the hotel, the pizza before bed, or the staying up late...either way, Braxton got the flu through the night:(  It was a looong night of changing bedding, washing clothes, and Braxton eventually started feeling better around noon.  We attended the reception later, and he had sooo much fun.   
 When we got situated at he hotel, Brad & Braxton made this contraption of a bed!
 Feeling better later Saturday...

 He will be awfully sad when this 'scary bug tie' doesn't fit anymore!
 Braxton & Emma ( he was smiling so cute at her!)although I captured the pic  little too late)
 Grandpa, Grandma, and daddy even got us some bubbles from the ceremony!
 Why is it so hard to capture a good picture?!?
 We are always looking different ways:)
 I kiss kiss the bubbles!!!
 Ignore the pants falling down, and undies showing...and capture that shy little boy wanting the brides attention!!!  His pants fit the week prior, I guess the flu really shrunk him up:(
 Braxton told Brad he wanted a picture with me!YAY!  Then, he grabs my nose as Brad says, 'cheese'! Little sTiNkEr!
 He wanted to help Brad tie his shoe!!  Too Cute*
 :) Braxton doing the chicken dance:)
 On the way home we ventured through Scotts Bluff.  As we went through the tunnels, Brad and Braxton shouted, 'heeelllllloooo heeeellllooooo'...
 ...and Braxton thought this was hilarious!!!
 Attempting to find Chimney Rock!
 Doing a little hiking in 100+ temperatures.
 These heights scared mommy!!!
 But I made it up there for a picture:)
 Checking out the wagons from the Oregon Trail
 Braxton was so curious as to why these ox weren't real, because fake ones can't pull a wagon!
 This was the bluff we drove up
 Chimney Rock!
 We got to Fort Kody (where Brad loved to go when he was little!!!) and we rode the go karts, bumper cars, and even the train!!!
Braxton is a GREAT little traveler!  Makes it a lot easier to go on these trips!  We didn't get in till after 1am last night, and we ALL enjoyed sleeping in, which is quite rare (as in---it never has happened!)  Now, I'm left to unpack and put away-almost done!!
Hope everyone has a great week, hard to believe July is almost here!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Forgotten

Dad took the boys our for a bike type ride:)  My Uncle Chuck made this cool contraption!!!  Don't be fooled, it was a CHORE to pedal this thing!!!
 I don't believe I have taken a picture with my dad in years!!!  Happy Father's Day Dad!!!  Although I'm sure you don't even know I have a blog :) ...Braxton, just so you know, Your Grandpa is amazing!!  Over the years growing up, us kids went through a lot, but reguardless of that, Grandpa Bob always provided for us, and he is one of the best men in my life!!! (next to you and daddy!) Love Ya Dad!
 I asked the kids to PLEASE not dump the corn and beans out, so when I came into the room to this..I asked what they were thinking, an sweetly, the boys replied with, "but the animals were hungry, so we had to feed them!" do you argue with that?!!
 Sprinkler time!!  I love this...look carefully, Conner is plugging his nose as he runs through!!!:) ADORABLE!!!!
 Little Miss Londyn loved getting her head wet!!!
 It took my scardy-cat a bit, but he eventually loved it, to0!!

 ...and I'm probably busted,but yes Jen, I gave the kids popsicles!!!! MMMM!!!!  and THAT may be why I'm the favorite Aunt!!!!  HA

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Penny for YOUR thoughts...

First off, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! 
Backtrack a little again with me...I'm terrible lately at posting!!  A few months ago I decided to put my salon appt book on the computer, so it now stays at work 24/7, so uploading pictures doesn't happen often enough!
Brad and Braxton are raising 500+ pheasants!  Grandma Korth went and picked them up (poor Grandma!) and I believe over 800 came home with her?!  They were delegated to a few different homes.  Braxton LOVES to go with Brad to 'help' him do the chores.  It is adorable...too bad Brax won't hold them!
If you can see Brad's awesome sweat band;)  he had Lasik done a few weeks ago, and thankfully, he is VERY protective of his eyes!  Surgery and recovery went well!!!
As much as I hate these birds, I will admit, they are darn cute!!!
Hungry babies!!  We got them at not even 24 hours old!!  Actually, there was part of an egg shell in the midst of them all...Brax wanted to keep it!ha!
What a beautiful little flower waterer!!!  This is our niece, Londyn Claire from Colorado!!!  They came to visit for the week!!   SO HAPPY!!!!!   She is just a DOLLIE!!!!!! 
On Father's Day we went to Lakeview to my Aunt/Uncles one last time.  They are moving to Lincoln, so we had a little shin dig...they had such a beautiful home, I cannot wait to see what their new home looks like!
Brad---Braxton---Great Grandpa Allen ( I missed getting my dad in there!)
the 3 WWWIIILLLDDD kids I had earlier this week!  I miss them already!!!
While driving today, from the back seat, here goes what I heard...
"mommy, Grandma Debbie doesn't have a Grandpa with her."
mommy:"what do you mean?"
Brax:"you know mom, like grandma Sherri has her Grandpa John, and Grandma Jody has her Grandpa Bob, where is Grandma Debbie's Grandpa???"
Brax:"mommy, why doesn't she have one, everybody has one!!"
mommy:"well, not everybody does buddy...."
Brax:"why mom??Who is going to be hers?"
mommy:"someday bud I will tell you more."
Brax:"WHHHAATTT mom????"
mommy:"soooo...are you excited for swimming lessons?!??!?!"
It amazes me the things that he comes up with.  I was not, nor am I ever prepared to answer some questions.  I wish I had all the correct answers for him, but I do no:(
Last week I stumbled across a blog to print email.  So, I actually got our blog printed in a hard cover book.  It even came already!  Even Brad was excited to see it!!!  I decided I will try and detail our lives even more, so someday when Braxton reads these, he will know about all the fun things we did and the crazy questions he had over the years...
So, Braxton, my sweet little man, I hope you enjoy these silly posts mommy does!!!
We have been in our 3rd week of 'mommy n me' swimming lessons.  The first week he giggled the entire time...while we also froze!  They just redid the pool, so it is still warming up.  The 2nd week, he just was not into it after 30!!! WOW!!! Today, not sure whose kid I took home from daycare and to swimmig lessons, but I will tell you the kid I had today was a F*I*S*H!!!  It even got to the point of when he got his floaties on, I was told by him to 'let go mom!!!'   I'm sure he will be tired tomorrow! He swam for 45 mins!!!  I was tired!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Circus Circus

The boys got the swimming pool down the other night.  Although it was freshley filled just minutes prior, Braxton still wanted to go down the slide!!  He was pretty excited when the neighbor girls (Gracie & Ana) came over:)
 Last week I heard the circus was in Columbus!  When Brad and I were in Florida my dad & Jody took Braxton to it and that's ALL we heard about for a month!!!  So, I was SUPER excited to go!  Dad says we went to the circus in Lindsay when I was super little ( I don't remember of course) and Brad says he remembers going though...I wonder if I spotted Brad back then!?!:)  So, this trip to the circus was partially for me;)
 This little stinker is now into 'not smiling' and making funny faces...I swear he really was happy and having fun!!!
 SEE!!!!  I told you he was happy:)
 These dogs were sooo cute!!
 ...try not to smile....
 ...try not to..........
 ahhh...couldn't do it!!!   He LOVED that pony!!!
 I promise Braxton is not deprived of anything!!!  When we are home, he likes to take nap in his pajama pants.  I think it's cute!  So, I let him pick a pair out...he was telling me something was wrong with his pants.  I turn around to see this.  I swear they are not that short...and yes, now he closes his eyes for pictures!!!  ( oh my...look at his socks I just my defense I went to work today, and Brax and his daddy picked his clothes out! Which, Brad brought that firefighter shirt home from fire school for Brax:)  Always spoiling him!!!
 soo, maybe they are a little short!!!
I LOVE YOU Braxton!!!

Had to laugh...I was doing dishes and Braxton was playing with his motorcycle.  I hear him talking about it having a flat tire...he was pretending to be "Dale Schaecher" funny!!  For those of you who do not know, Dale is the local Lindsay Oil tire fixer!!!  Braxton's imagination is growing wild!  He is starting to pretend to be characters, and talks in many different voices and persons.  I'm glad he plays well alone;)  Although lately he is back on he kick of asking for a whoever is putting these ideas in his head, STOP IT:)  (Just kidding)
Have a great week!!!