Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trip to Colorado!!!!

Last week of July...first week of August...Braxton and I set off for Colorado by ourselves!   Talk about nervous!!!!  We left Wednesday after work and got to Ogallala around 9:30p Nebraska time 8:30 Colorado.  We did make a quick stop at Fory Cody to ride to go karts!!!!  Brad did that was a child, and years prior when we go by Jen we've always stopped!   We got to swim at the hotel awhile before bed!   
This pic is randomly in's our duck Quackers. 

We look thrilled don't we?!   No. I wasn't driving. We were stopped at a light.  He's watching one of the 10 movies we brought along.  Times like this I wish we had a CD player built in. But we made do!!
Fort Cody!!!!  His giggles on this ride I will never forget!!!!
Breakfast before we set off....
We stopped at the outlet to get so e new school shoes.  I told him to pose and got this...yes he got the shoes...and a sweatshirt...and shirts.....
We made it!!!!   Who can blow up the biggest balloon?!! I am so handful we got to be there over Conners 7th Birthday!!  
Love this!!!!!
My Favorite sis!!!   We we're at gymnastics waiting for the kids!
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Although Omaha was ranked #1 and this place 5, I totally beg to differ!!!!!  
WAs completely shocked he jumped in my this fella 
Feeding the birds.  Not going to lie...they creep me out!
Petting a baby kangaroo!!!  He is starting to overcome his fears on lots of things!!!
Jen arranged a workshop at Lowes for us to go to!!!
We all got in on it!  It was awesome!'n
The kids had fun shooting rockets...til Aunt Amanda and Aunt Jen took a turn and put the, onto the house...oops. 
We had a great trip!   We drove the entire way Sunday and he was AMAZING!!!  I felt we were maybe in the car an hour!!!!   We stopped to eat and a few times for has and a few scary stops along the interstate because when a 5 year has to go it's RIGHT now!!!!    He never made a peep or whined or even asked if we were there yet!!!!!   He was so great!!!!!!   We discovered his new love for raspberry iced tea on that trip home!