Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Older But Wiser...

We FINALLY got snow!!!  So we could go sledding!!!  YAY!!!!
 We experienced the famous "Lindsay Church Hill"  for the first time.  I screamed the whole way down, while Braxton giggled!  We went West, instead of South, so we ended up in the neighbors front lawn..oops!!  We then thougth it was safer to sled at the shop.
 This is the closest Braxton has been to our dogs ever!  IF we are holding him, he is fine, but to be at the same level of the dogs...freaks him out to say the least!!!  What you can't see in this picture is Braxton crying:(  He will grow to love them, right?!

I turned the Big 3-0!  So, for my present Brad told me we were going to Deadwood SD snowmobiliing...well, he forgot to tell me there was also a surprise party planned, too!!  It was a great surprise and had a blast with family and friends...glad it won't be happening anytime soon again, though!!!
So, a few days after my birthday, we traveled to SD with good friends of ours!
 Me & Ashley
 Oops...out of order...another pic sledding at the shop:)
 It's terrible to admit this, but I can't even remember which casino we were in...we HAD FUN!!!!!  Brad might of had a little more fun since he was the WINNER!!!
 Just gettin ready to head out for my first time!  It was sooooo fun!!!!!!!  I can't wait to go back!!!

SO, as I was uploading pictures, I somehow clicked on this....this was Braxton's hospital picture!!   Crazy,  it doesn't even look like him!!!!!!  But since I accidentally uploaded it, thougth I might as well share.  I can't believe this little man will be 4 in less than 2 months!  For him, it cannot come soon enough.  He was actually picking out his birthday party theme this morning..he pretty much wants everything!!!
Another of us pretty ladies in our snow gear!