Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't's the only way I get pictures of Braxton and me!!!
I was mowing, and Braxton went into the garage and off he went...
...I smile because he knows to stay in a straight line:0) that's my boy!
..and turn around and keep going:) For those of you who know me, you know that I don't allow anyone to mow my yard except me because I want straight I KNOW all of you are going to check out my mowing lines from here on, aren't ya?!??! (But, I think I may let Braxton mow for me when he gets older!heehee)
I told these cheese balls to get dressed..look closely, I even brought them the clothes..but instead they were hiding under the blankets:)Just so ya'll know..YOU OWE ME!!!! I was the one who brought back this beautiful weather for you to enjoy;) Brad had a convention in Orlando last week, so while he did that...I did this....
...this was our awesome resort!!!..I know I know...not exactly the best beach bods out there...but trust me, we saw worse!!!!lol!!
..once again...this is how I photgraph to get pics with my boys!
*****Braxton's newest things*****
When he gets mad at me for something, I hear... "you're not my best friend anymore!!!" Breaks my heart, but he's 2...I get over it!
Brad lately hears..." your the best dad"'s been tough at my house being mom:(

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Homemade icecream time!!! With the nice weather this week in the forecast, I had an itch to make some icecream... let's just say vanilla is cheaper and easier...I'm going back to my comfort zone:) *note to anyone interested*placing sprinkles on yogurt satisfies my child instead of icecream at 10pm...yogurt sounds healthier..and YES!!!Our child is up that late;)
Pretty pretty princess Bella came over for a playdate. Braxton and her go to Sheri's together. It was a side of Braxton that Brad and I rarely see. He SHARED and had no problem doing it! I think he was just excited to have someone to play with!!! Looking to adopt a 4 year old now!!
..this was only the beginning stages of the 'fort' the boys made...of course like any fort, 'no grrls allowed'... (really, is that M*A*S*H on tv??)Oh happy day!!! Great Grandpa Allen stopped by!!! Had to read 2 books before he could leave!After eating the sucker on the other end of this, his teeth may look like that...We had a 'sendoff' party for my Niece Charli! She was granted a Make A Wish!!!!!!!!! She and her family DESERVE this get-away in SOOO many ways!!!! I believe if you go to you can read more...
...the balloon making man was making guns, yes, guns for the girlie girls, and when it got time to the boys, he said, 'I suppose you want a flower'...and that's all it took, my son wanted a here ya go...Uncle Chad looks as if he really is smelling the roses:)
The conversations at our house just seem to get better by the day...
Brax: Mom, can we have a grrl to play with?
Mom: Sure, you mean like, Bella or Callista to come over?
Brax: No mom, like a baby grrl in your tummy. How does she get there??
Mom: Um, well ---He cut me off by loudly saying,
Mom: (quickly thinking) Jesus puts here there.
Brax: By himself mom???
Mom:Well, daddy helps?!
Brax: Ohhh, who's his daddy?
Mom: Joseph
Brax: Oh. Mom?? ...(pause) Does he have whiskers??
Mom: Yea, I think he does! :)
Whew!! Wasn't sure where that conversation was going to head!!!
To follow that...2 days later on our way home from school..
Brax:Mom, can we go to the store?
Mom: Yea, we need milk and lettuce...
Brax: (interrupting) no mom! Not Amy's store! The baby store. I want to get a baby sister.
Mom:That'd be fun. I hope they have some.
Brax: No mom. We just need one baby from Jesus' store, okay mom?!
Let me just add that at school he has 6 little boys in his room and 2 girls. Both the girls' moms have recently had babies, and 2 of the boys' mom are due soon, and 2 others just had their's within the past months...and Jayda's mom is having a baby, so I think that's ALL they discuss at school:)
Kids, they say the darn`dest things....
Happy Tuesday to everyone...the flu has hit our house...hence why I got to catch up on the blog:) He's been napping most of the day away. Hope he wakes up refreshed...