Sunday, May 23, 2010

Braxton has been a very busy little boy these past few weeks! He LOVES to be in water, so last weekend we took him to the New World Inn to go swimming and he had a blast!!!
This past week has been a little rough of Braxton. He got his finger slammed in the door at daycare...which led to a spiked fever and infection, which led us to the Dr once again...inwhich they discovered multiple teeth working their way through as well. He is trying so hard to be his happy little self, but he's been pretty darn miserable. Despite the fever, rash, and fussy-whiney-ness...we ventured camping to Pierce this weekend...if you ignored the 40+ mph really was FUN:) We can't wait to go again soon...wish our summer wasn't so's hard getting away!

He LOVED going down the slide...but REALLY wanted to climb up it more than anything:)

He looks like he is just chillin' in the rock garden, but really he's staring up at daddy waiting to get held....
They were testing out my new bench for the rock garden...Brad looks a little big for it...but still cute:)

He got up from nap, but must've not quite been ready to stay awake....

He was so glad to be outside...while daddy worked on the deck

getting ready to go camping!!!

I thought this picture was adorable!!!...and yes, it looks like he is mowing the tree, we will work on that:)

At least we taught him how to fill 'er up...

Braxton and Logan playing farm...and Uncle Lyle, too:)

Friday night-Saturday morning, Braxton was up SCREAMING ALL NIGHT LONG!!! from his teeth hurting we the next morning he wasn't too chipper about the boat ride, but was okay as long as he had his paci...I think taking Braxton camping has been a dream of Brad's for so long! Growing up Brad camped a lot with his family and he talks about those memories a this was pretty special for Brad...even if Braxton wasn't quite in the best of time will be better:)
Heck with the pac-n-play...he wanted to snooze on the big boy bed...starting to feel much better...

Hi Grandpa Bob, I'm eating fig newton's in your pick-up:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

hope all had a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!! mommy & Braxton on mother's day
Thanks Eric for letting the boys come farm with you:)

he LOVED to go 'play farmer'

little stud:)