Thursday, September 27, 2012


Now, while I know that this blog is for Braxton and it should be all about him, sometimes I have to share other things, and today is one of those days!
I found this cute little micro window blind duster!  It is AMAZING!!  It is the little things in life that make days easier for me:)  So, I should have the cleanest blinds in town now!?? 
Okay, while I know my sister is laughing right now...out loud at this post, deep down Jen, you know you are headed to the dreaded walmart to get one!!!!  ( and I think Brenda you secretly want one, too:)
HaPpY tHuRsDaY!  Weekend is near;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cousin Fun

The Preister's came for haircuts tonight!  I LOVE that I can cut my niece/nephews hair! It's so fun to visit with them..I love 'little clients'- and hearing them tell me stories and what's new is the best!  And then it's fun turning into the fun Aunt who gets to give them candy!  My niece is learning to read!!!  Ahh..soon we will be at that stage..YIKES!
Braxton gave Harper a ride...these 2 are SOOOOO going to be trouble together:)
 Charli being silly!:)  Check out her shirt with the scissors...girl has style;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Color Me Pink

Another weekend come and gone.
Friday night we worked the fooball game (lost to St.Francis).  Braxton got to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa B. til the last quarter Brad brought him down.  In that short time he got starbursts, popcorn, & gatorade. On the way home he told me he can't wait to go to another game:)  Uncle Dillon plays for S.F., but being in the concessions we didn't catch any of the game. 
Brad took off for Red Cloud to work on their hunting man cave.  Braxton got to go to his home-away-from-home, (Debbie Benders) while I did a color run in Norfolk.  I met an old co-worker, so it was fun catching up!!  The Norfolk Panthers Dance team held the fun as a fundraiser--they made it to Florida for dance competition!
The rest of the weekend we rearranged/cleaned.  Trying to make room in our house just doesn't seem to work!?  Brads little sister, Kelly turned 29, so we grilled Sunday night.  She brought buntinis, and Braxton was WIRED after that chocolate!!  The Hoefers brought him Herman as well (Thanks guys!)
 He was so happy to get to bring this guy home!
 Brad laughed at me and couldn't understand why I gave the turtle 'logs'...I wanted him to feel at home:)  and p.s.  Herman likes them sticks!
 Braxton can make the "B" and "b" now.  He is SO proud of his work!!!  And so are we!!!
 Can you see that?! Braxton (in his fireman hat) went walking with Grandma Sherri the other night!  TOO CUTE!!!
 Part of our nightly routine now is to have an ice cream cone.  At first he wouldn't eat any of the cone, now he is into taking a bite or two...funny kid!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dirty Run

What a weekend!!! 
Last week, Brad left for Minnesota on a fishing trip.  He was SO excited...Braxton on the other hand was sad:(  He gave Brad a dinosaur to scare away the sharks, a flashlight incase it got dark, and a picture of a boat he drew:)  (What a sweetie!!!)  While Brad was gone, I had what I was calling 'my first and last garage sale'.  I knew going into it that I would never do it again.  Yep, I was right!  NOT MY THING!!!  But, it was a huge success, so that's good.  I finally got our garage back to its messy normal.  So, along with the working, garage sale, and running, Braxton got to spend time with some of his favorite people!!  Saturday I ran in the "dirty girl mud run" race by Lincoln.  A portion of the proceeds went to breast cancer awareness.  Typcially with each race I get my usual anxiety, but it's getting better with each run I do.  I ran with some FuN gals!  There were over 4600 women!!  Brax got to hang out with Grandpa Bob, and Uncle Chad!  Braxton has been telling me stories about pigs, what they eat, how Uncle Chad got him dirty, how Grandpa gave him 'a hot beef sandwich and it never burnt his mouth' , how he took nap with Grandpa, and most importantly, "Brad, Braxton, and Bob all start with a B, but mom you don't!!"  So, educational day with Grandpa:)  When I was little I remember going with dad while he worked on curtain machines in hog it was a little trip down memory lane to hear Brax tell pig stories!
The best surprise was Saturday night when Braxton got to go drive the combine with Alan Bender!!!  He asked his typical 100+ questions, but hey, that's how you learn!!
Sunday, Braxton's favorite Taylor came and played while I helped with rolls at church!  YUMMY!!!
SO, it was a weekend of fun things!
The before...
 ...and THE DIRTY GIRLS after!!!
 We all learned after the 2nd pit that we need to shut our mouths as we crawl through mud!!!HA!
 Almost forgot...most importantly, Taylor walked Braxton up to the book fair!!  He LOVES to be read to!  I love when he sits down with a book, and pretends to tell the story by looking at what is happening on the page.  The train one is his favorite right now, just because their names are 'toot & puddle'...he GIGGLES...goof ball!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you?

So anxious, I get up... hardly slept the night before.  I am so ready to start today!  It starts the first day of a new chapter in my life!  A new chapter I have waited so long for!
In a room with 30+ girls, I unpack things, things that I don't even know what they are, or what they are used for?!
Over the radio, we slightly hear commotion, unsure of what it really is...until later that night when we get home.  We watch the news and the rest will forever be history.
11  years ago...
What will be history to Braxton someday, will be unbelievable truth to what happened to the world on my first day of college.
Praying for All

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Better Late

I wish I had a better 'before' picture..but of course I wasn't thinking!  A great friend and I redid our kitchen table! I am SO excited to have it back and finished!  I didn't realize how much we actually used our table, until it was gone.  We typically use our island, but them chairs are being replaced, too-so we had picnics on the floor:)
 Our table was Brad's parents, or grandparents, I'm not exactly sure, but pretty safe to say it was getting old and shabby-
 Braxton says it is 'so cool' now!  I just LOVE it!  We antiqued it to match a hutch I already have in our kitchen.
 I have to say pictures don't quite show all the fine detail, so stop and see it in person!  Even Brad likes know, the man of few words!
 Christmas at my grandparents is few and far inbetween.  My grandpa has a lot of health issues, along with my uncle, so a lot of company stirs things up.  We typically just go there for brief visits.  They were able to make it to Braxton's birthday party, but we figured birthday presents and Christmas presents at once would be too, they surprised us Thursday night with a visit!  Braxton was so glad to see them!  He got a zhu zhu pet, that he loves, a soft blanket, and a puppy pillow pet! He loves them pillows! I don't think he will ever get tired of them..we now have 4!
 He turned and just started squeezing Great Grandma!
We had a laid back weekend.  I worked Saturday, then watched the game with some friends.  Braxton enjoyed getting to stay at Gpa Johns & Gma Sherri's.  Today we made a quick trip shopping for the neccessities.  I am having my first and last garage sale this next weekend!  Selling the remainder of Braxton's baby clothes if anyone is interested! Friday from 8-5 and Saturday 8-1.   Now, I'm just left to go price things..ugh:(
Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Weather was GREAT!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buzz Buzz

I believe summer is over:(  Although we are looking forward to some possible fall camping!  We headed out to Chief White Crane-Yankton camping  this past weekend with some friends!  Braxton had a blast!  We ate waaay to much, drank a little;0), and slept some!  We had a weekend of NO naps! It has always proved to be true, the better the nap, the better the night.  We knew that we had a few extra days to whip him back into shape if it got too bad!  Saturday night he fell asleep after the game around 6:30, and managed to somewhat sleep til morning..he got up 7 times and was restless, but we made it thru! We were thinking he would be up and ready to party at 3am!HA!
Sunday night he went to 'nap' at 5pm, and did not get up til 6AM!!!  CRAZY!  Brad and I both knew this would be a one-weekend kind of thing!!  So, back to regular naps we go!
I am sooo proud of Brax!  I, I say THINK that maybe, just maybe he is outgrowing the whiny stage!!  He is doing things on his own so well, and not even whining about it.  It's like over night he is a big boy!! WHEW!!!  He is SO into coloring right now! He woke up at 6 today and just wanted to color!  I'm loving ALL the picture he is making me! 
Braxton likes to ride his bike, but when he can't go up a hill or he gets stuck, typically he'd whine, but now that he's a big boy, he just figured it out.  I had to laugh.  We were riding for awhile, and his legs got tired, so he got off and ran with his bike, he kept saying, "I have to go get more energy!"  FUNNY!!  Next time I need energy, I should try runnin:)
 ..and he was sweet!
 Again, he makes me chuckle. Brad was backing up, and there I turn to Braxton motioning him to keep coming:) Team work!
Well, my sweet little man has been asking for over a year...................
 To look like Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe I did it!!!!!  He was so sad when I gave him his usual, he said, 'make it a buzz buzz like my daddy, please momma!?"  He just looks so awnry!!
And here they are:)
Awhile ago I posted how he just wants to do everything with daddy, and how sad I was.  WHY didn't any of you warn me?!!  That wasn't nothing compared to now!!!!!!! He is attached to Brad!!!  All the way down to needing khaki shorts on when Brad wears his, or a tank top, or short's nuts!  He LOVES his daddy!! ( I hope he loves me, too) HA
Happy September!