Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Little...Two Little...Three Little Indians...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful to have spent Thanksgiving 2011 with Family!!! (with many surprises!)

I was SO thankful to get to host my first Thanksgiving for my Preister family! I was a little curious to see if my food would all time out at the same time, and it did! WHEW!

Great Grandpa Alan, (the tow truck and the es-ca-bader), Braxton, & Brad

(When we say our prayers at night, Braxton will bring up Grandpa Alan first...Braxton LOVES this man!!!)
Charli, Harper, and Braxton. I thought 2 horses was plenty, looks like we may need a 3rd--KIDDING---NO ONE take that as a hint------I DOOOO NNNOOOTT WWAANNNTT AANNOOTTTHHEERR HHHOORRSSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 little wild indians and a Grandpa Bob (with a mouse on his finger!)


Friday night the Widhalms got here!!!!! This is sweet little Londyn Claire and Braxton! She is almost a year younger than Braxton, but may weigh the same?!?!:) She is SO mellow!!!

I would tell Londyn to lay down so I could tickle her...she would say, 'kay...tickle' Aww!! And Conner thought it was more fun to tickle Aunt Manda!

Yes, my child was as wild and naughty as this picture looks!!!

These 2 just hung out here!!!

Braxton said, 'i'm thirsty for milk mom'...and when I turned around, he was helping himself to the milk! Self-sufficient!
(pardon my messy fridge!)

This was our tree @ the Festival. In the far left corner was our bulldog who escaped his fence...pulling our tree over...what you can't see is our awesome bowl of blue and white LHF bulldog M&M's.....MMMM!!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT holiday weekend!!! Brad's littlest sister Megan and husband, Chad, are we will have another week of family!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brad and Braxton took off on Friday for Red Cloud to deer hunt!! I'm not sure who was more anxious to go...they had a great trip!!! I stayed back to have a tree at our Festival of Trees, and I had to work many places this weekend! If you missed out on our Festival, YOU MISSED OUT!! It was great and DELICIOUS!!! I believe it's every 2 years!

When Brad was packing up his gun, Braxton had to get his in there, too! For some odd reason this brought tears to my eyes! My little man is growing up...
Photos...compliments of Brad:)

I guess when Brad was unloading things into the deer stand, he told Braxton to wait and watch out the window...he listened well:)

A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E!!! He even has his 'ears' on!

yes, he did come home on a sugar high!!

While I missed my boys SO MUCH, it is plain to see they were too busy to miss me;/ I am glad Brad got this experience with Braxton. He seems awful young to have gone along, but from the stories I am hearing, it was a good time had by all!!!

When we were driving tonight, he randomly chants..."ha ha ha mommy, you didn't get to go deer hunting"

He has quite the imagination lately...In target the other day, we were buying gifts for some friends who are expecting. I came across a client, and he proceeded to tell her that, 'My mommy has a baby grrl in her tummy" and "I get a little sister" Oh, it gets better....we go to Brodkeys and he is still munching on his chicken strip from lunch...the gentlemen working says, "You got a big ol piece of chicken!" and Braxton follows with, "You're a BIG OL MAN!" YIKES!!! This is terrible and mean, and wrong of me, but in Braxton's defense, have ya'll walked by Brodkeys?! ...if so, you know my child tells no lies.......except the target conversation....THAT is IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!!! ( just to clarify and clear things up!!!)

While cleaning the bathroom tonight, Brax hopped on the scale and I said, "WHEW!! 20 pounds!!!"....he jumps back with, 'no, mom, 23 pounds'.......Not sure where that came from...but he was pretty accurate!!!! Skinny minnie!!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Run Santa Run!!!

While Brad was gone this past weekend deer hunting, I participated in my first 5K race!!! I wasn't sure how I would like it, but I LOVED IT!!! I ended up running with some gals originally from Lindsay, and had a blast with them!!! My time was 29m3?s, which for me was great! Always room for improvement! Braxton got to go to Great Aunt Peggy's house while I ran...and I'm still hearing tractor stories about her:)

I don't know where I am, but this is what we ran in! HILARIOUS!!!
Ahh..he wanted a picture of, 'me and you momma'

Goof balls! Tay-der taught Braxton how to 'bicycle'...their new fun game I hear:)

I was taking a picture of something this morning, and he said, 'momma, will you take a picture of my es-ca-bader'

This is what I was originally taking a pic funny...he stacks things so nicely! (notice the pile of corn is still around!!!)

...'and momma, take a picure of my sem-ma-mi'


Got to share this!

Monday night we were driving to a meeting, and this is what I hear from the backseat of my VAN.

Braxton:'momma, can we get a new car?'


Braxton:'can daddy buy us a new car?'

Momma:'what would we do with our van?'

Braxton:'maybe we can give it back to Santa?'

Momma::)'what kind of car do you want?'

Braxton:'a fancy one!'

Momma:'who has a fancy one? what do you mean?'

Braxton:'a fancy car like Debbie mom, then we would be cool"

OH MY !!! It dawned on me! Sunday night, we were at "Debbie's house", and in her garage sits a new suv...I made the comment, "whew Debbie...look at your fancy car, you are cool!" This child of mine is ALWAYS listening!

SO, tonight when I went to pick him up, he says, 'mom, you didn't get a fancy car yet, why?!"

Oh, Braxton! SOMEDAY! Really, what is wrong with my 2005, paid for-salvage titled-mini-van with hail damage?! Is it possible to embarrass a 2.5 year old?!?!?!?!!?!?

p.s. Brad got a 5x6---yay!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

W.o.r.d.s. say it all...

Last night, Brad, Braxton and I were driving and Braxton is SO quiet when he talks... So,

Amanda:"what did you say buddy?"

Braxton:"stop talking mom, I am talking to my daddy, not you"

Brad:(with a smirk)"what's up buddy?"

and the conversation went on without was about deer hunting, so I stopped listening!

Earlier, Brad was telling me that they went and picked up a 4wheeler to borrow from a friend and Braxton was asking why we don't have a 4wheeler, and why Jerry has one, and that "Jerry has everything!!!" REALLY!?!? At the age of 2.5, does this really start this young?!? He also informed Brad that when he turns 3 1/2 he is going to come to work with him!!! Well, CHEAP daycare is all I thought:) Listening to the things Braxton says, and asks about amazes when he was climbing on my back, felt my bra strap and insists on knowing what it is, and what it is for?! to answer that one?!

He also informed me that he 'wants to be the baby, but just pretend he's my baby, because he is really a big boy'...well, consider it done:)

I think it may be a long weekend as Brad is deer hunting without Braxton:( Brad has informed him that he is going to 'find the deer', that way when they go back next weekend, they can shoot them..we will see how this pans out!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!!! Another weekend is almost here:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


He wanted to say cheese:)
The boys enjoying their homemade smoothies and peanuts

Braxton gets to take snacks tomorrow for all his friends. SO we made these little turkies, and don't worry, I got pounds of grapes all cut up, too:)

I was getting a little tired of doing them, as you can see some have drooping eyes, large eyes, missing tail feathers, beat up beaks,'s like they really came from the wild! I should see how many calories are in one of these...2 oreos, reeses peanut butter cup, candy corn, whoppers, and a lota frosting--sorry moms, your kids are coming home on a sugar high tomorrow:) Your Welcome! (it's just like they are when they come home from Grandma's:)

***Right now in our house***

Braxton lays in bed trying to sleep, hacking/barking...poor little man. He is doing better than last night that is for sure! He hasn't had a fever anymore today, and the coughing/gagging, has downsized to just coughing..and he isn't itching at his ears...we have a mini drug store in our house from prior sicknesses, so we got: benadryl, cough syrup, tylenol, motrin, decongestant, antibiotic...hmm..what else?! NO, I do not have him on all these...I'm just saying we decided against the dr today, since we figured we got all he would prescribe anyways. The vapor humidifier hasn't stopped running yet...but don't think it's helping much:(

Thursday, November 3, 2011

BCH Lunchdate

Today Braxton and I went for a much overdue lunch date with my old college roommate/friend Danielle, and her sweety little girl, Brynlee (LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!)

The last time we had lunch, Braxton was probably 1 if even, and Danielle wasn't even pregnant! Like I said, much overdue lunch date!!!

The kids both did great! We sat for over 2 hours and the kids were both so content, and even shared toys by the time it was time to leave!

Braxton wanted to say 'cheese' he said...can you see it?!
It's sideways, but the gal working brought them both a balloon animal, this was our turtle...which Braxton wants to know what a turtle says?!??! ANYONE know??? (Jenny, I know what your answer would be..but only McKenna needs to be taught that:)

Braxton was so surprised that a 'grrl would play with a tactor'...

So she handed over Elmo for him...good trade!

I had some errands to do while in the big city, and 10 minutes into walmart, he says, 'mom, I'm not gonna take a nap, I just wanna pretend'...and he was out!! Ever carry a 2.5 year old thru walmart and push a FULL cart of junk?!? WHEW!! I was sweating!!! Pathetic, I know:) So, he was exhausted, and 3 hours later, still remains yard is waiting to be mowed, and my leaves are waiting to be raked...wake up wake up....(never thought I would want nap time to be over!)


What's happening in my house RIGHT now... My dryer, my very old dryer, has decided it doesn't want to stop! When the buzzer (which sounds like a dying buzz) goes off, it doesn't stop till you open the door, and as soon as you shut the dryer to make it stop buzzing, it immediately starts back up! Anyone need anything dried??? So, question of the day, do I let it constantly buzz, or constantly dry round and round:)