Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April Recap...

With the Easter season upcoming, Braxton had built Jesus on the cross.  And this are the people in church with Fr Jim In the blue!   His imagination is unbelievable!!!!!!

We went to the Easter egg hunt at the Newman Grove nursing home. They had 2 large eggs as the main prizes.  Of course Braxton preached about wanting one...Nd go figure, he was the winner!!!   Such a lucky little boy!!!!
We gave Brad a cross bow for his 33rd birthday!    (As you read this when you are older Braxton, you'll find out, daddy picked this out himself !!).  Braxton did a great job keeping it a secret from daddy for weeks!  And Brads the worst with tormenting him on trying to pry it out of him!!!!
A little trip to the dinosaur museum by Lincoln!!!
Humphrey fish frys are the BEST!   Probably because of the good cook;)
Brad was at red cloud hunting....and this little sweety and I cuddled for a movie.    He didn't last long:)
Snow?!?!   70s one day, snow the next!!!
Another Easter egg hunt at the park!
Hmmm...which one of these two doesn't belong?!
Loves to help!!!
Braxton's future wife, Taylor even came to help!!
Easter bunny did well!!!
Easter at the farm 
Uncle Dillons track meet!!!!