Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Month of birthdays!!

For my birthday, Brad took me to vegas!!! Braxton spent a day with Gma and Gpa B, a few days with Gpa Bob and Gma Jody, then back to Gma Sheri's.  It's always hard to be away from him, but he has so much fin with the grandparents, too!!
This gentleman was hilarious!!!!   He obviously was drinking....he referred to us as Jason Stathman and Jennofer Aniston.  Ha
A meal out on the deck of a restaurant.  Weather was upper 70s.  So nice!!   Compared to the 30s back home!
I thought Braxton would like to see daddy by a big bear!
Transformers!!!!!   Bumble bee and Optimus prime!!
Hogs and heifers bar.  Our favorite!!!
Our little leprechaun!!!!!   
When we got home on st party's day, he asked where my green was.  I said I guess I forgot.  So he drew me a clover. He said he isn't the best at drawing them, but I think it's fantastic!!!
So...another new car seat.  We put him in the high back booster with the car seatbelt.  Not quite sure we reach all requirements, but if we wait til he's the right height and weight...he'll be a senior in high school.  Haha.     He made a rocket ship out of the box!!!
Hmmmm....small feet prints on my banana. 
He's been asking for buckets for weeks.  Finally gave In and he made himself a drumset!!!!!   And kabob skewers for drum sticks!!!!  
Farming season is back!
Little man had an ear ache:(  probably the third one in his lifetime.  But it was miserable. 
We had one 70 degree day so the boys worked at the farm by Gma korths and then we all did yard work!  And how's it's 30 degrees out and snow expected tomorrow night.  Ugh. We all have spring fever!!!!
We got to feed the ducks and geese by Cliff Kapels by Creston. (He's the meat seller)
There was a horrible fire by brads parents.  North of their house.  Fire chief was on it!!   We went up there because Gma was pretty shook up.  They got it out before it crossed the creek.  But it was a strong west wind.  We actually made popcorn  and watched out the window....
Braxton with binoculars ba Gma with Braxton's made version on binoculars.  I think we did a great job distracting Gma!!!!   I bet it was maybe a block and a half from their house. Scary!!   Brad went on another two fire calls that night.  I swore whenever I woke up he wasn't there.  He's been super tired lately.  
I don't like to think about the bad days we sometimes have, but I want Braxton to know about everything that went on when he was little.  I sometimes direct the blog to him and other times I don' I apologize if it gets confusing. 
Braxton seems to be very sensitive and cries easily at things I wouldn't expect others to cry at.  At age two I mentioned it to his doctors.  And got the response of , "he's two, it's what they do". at age three is mentioned it again and got the response of, "age three can be worse than two!!"  At age four I brought it up again. The dr said, " you asked at age two! I told you it's what they do.  You asked at a be three, I told you it's expected.  Now at age four you ask again, and guess what, Amanda, it's not okay anymore". We discussed some things.  And decided on him needing more sleep.  He's like me, a lousy sleeper. But, how do you make your child sleep?!   The dr had this theory of by us talking serious about it, maybe it'll be enough to 'scare' him, or maybe we should see a specialist.  He also sent is home with some all natural sleep aid.  Well, I wasn't convinced 'scaring' him would do it, but I'm also not a med pusher.  So we thought we'd sleep on it.  For whatever reason, he slept all night long!!!  Glad we didn't give him the meds because I would've sworn it was that that did it.  I don't know if the dr stalk did scare him to shape up or not, but it worked.   Weeks went by, and slowly he started to wake up through the night again. And slowly the crying episodes worked their way back in.  I find myself covering for him, or making excuses  as to why he's crying.  But, in all actuality, I can't do that anymore. He will be 5 in3 weeks.  This is ridiculous. Today it just got to me in a way it never has.  He cried at school drop off because the new sub (mrs Sunderman on maternity) her son and friends I'm 6th grade were in there.  He melted and freaked because there were big kids in his classroom and he's scared of them he says.  It makes me very  sad when he's sad. The teacher tried to calm him, I tried to take him aside and explain things to him.  We got no where.  I've told him before there's a difference between being scared, nervous, sad, hurt, happy, mad, etc.  he seems to understand, but yet melts still.  He melts  at things like I said, that I wouldn't consider normal for kids to melt over.    Most sum it up to him needing more sleep.  We, as parents, feel like failures.  We are so lost on what needs to be done, or what we can do to change things.  His teacher called and we discussed the issue.  We both agree that it's not repiticious.  It's like the things you expect will bother him they don't.  And the things you aren't prepared for, jump out at him and it's a disaster.  I'm not sure what my point of writing this down is.  Maybe someday we will look back and laug at how simple the solution was.  Maybe Braxton, maybe your kids will do this, and maybe this behavior is normal....I do not know.  I do feel like with only having one child, all our focus is on him, and maybe we pick at things most parents would just ignore.  Either way, we love our little man, and I'm cuddled in his bed with him right now as I write this....but I just Wish here was an answer here.  It makes us so sad to see him sad, and to see others point fingers at the crying kid.....although as I type this out, with tears flowing down my face, I think, hmmm, maybe he gets his crying from me?!?!:) days will get better and we will nip this in the rear.  But, for now, this is what's happening.  Braxton, we love you and we will figure this out.  Maybe you just are our shy, sensitive little boy for right now.....

April is here!

We moved my grandma Preister-Louis to genoa af we weeks ago. I had so much fun cleaning with my aunts while the guys loaded e old house up.  We did a lot of playing since Braxton was along.  From 830 am til 6pm..he was such a good helper!!!!!!    He was thrilled when Great uncle Dale gave him a semi ride. Even if it's as only from the front yard to the back, he was satisfied!   Someday as you read this Braxton, I bet you will remember all e ings you loved to do as a kid....don't worry, I'll post the naughty things you do too:)

While cleaning/snooping, we found these gems!
Oh boy!
Braxton mentioned it hurt to chew.  After a day I decided to check it out thoroughly.  Poor little man had a bad soar.  It cleared up within a few days. But don't still weren't a good eater even after it cleared.  Always an excuse for you to not eat!!!
This is what you looked like with long hair!  Ha.  You kept saying you wanted hair like Grandpa Bob, "like big and poofy".  Whatever that means I didn't know....but I couldn't take it anymore.  You had to get trimmed!!!!!!!!
Your father has been taking you shopping weekly (while mom worked Saturdays) and you've been getting to sit on four wheelers....daddy thinks as a soon to be 5 year old, you NEED is......time will tell....
I. Will.  Never.  Get.  Tired.  Of taking cute sleeping pics!   You managed to stay this way all night!    3 weeks away from 5, and we are stating to sleep all night long!!!!!!!! Yyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry buddy!   It was your idea to have me take your picture:) but probably didn't want it posted!
Every time I take a picture, he tells me whether or not the "whole world" can see it...referring to me posting it to Facebook.