Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We had Braxton into the Dr last week. He weighed 12 lbs 14oz! He's G-r-o-w-i-n-g! We took his in because he has a few patches of eczema, and with the help of some cream, the spots are almost gone. The Dr gave us the go ahead to start giving him some cereal in a week or so! As you can see, he isn't lacking in the weight department! Dr just said he is ready! It's been so fun watching him react to toys and reach for things. He has just started to figure out that he has hands and he is in control of them! He is starting to open his hands and hold onto things! Time is just flying by! Enjoy the pictures!
He really loves to play with his "bumblebee!"...thanks Sandy!

Is this the life, or what?! Sound asleep in his swing.

A good friend told me it would be a good idea to start trying naps in his bed...who wouldve thought it would work so well?!?!

On Sunday daddy thought Braxton would enjoy his exersaucer...this was Brad's Sunday project putting this together...didn't take near as long as my project....

This was "my" project for Sunday. I attempted to build a retaining wall in our yard...don't look too closely, it's not too straight!? But, it's okay for my first attemp!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Camping Trip...

Every year the "Preister" clan goes seems there is always something going on, but we made it work this year! We had an ABSOLUTE blast!!! They camped at Timberlake, by Marquette, just south of Central City. Some headed up on Thursday night, some Friday, and we joined up Saturday and Sunday. Braxton did GREAT camping!!! Daddy was pretty excited, especially since he LOVES to camp! There was a lot to do there...swimming, fishing, canoes, paddle boats, the 'blob', horseback riding, paintballing...there isn't a spot for boats or jet skis, since we don't have either of them, it was okay with us:)
It was pretty neat to see how organized this trip was! Everyone worked so good together, preparing meals, cooking, even cleaning up!
Some stayed in campers, other in cabins...we were in Beaver Cabin that slept 10!!! Braxton did his usual, up at 2 and 5 and 8. We tried to make it as 'routine' as possible for him, Brad says I brought the entire house (kitchen sink included) but it worked!
We can't wait to join everyone for camping again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting ready to go camping!!!

hanging with daddy! (NO, I did NOT dress the boys alike, it just happened!)..I swear!

hanging with Grandpa!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was reading up on some things that a 2 month should be doing...I realized that Braxton should be getting a lot more 'tummy time' than he actually was...I have a very hard time putting him down:) So, we put him down and with in minutes, he rolled over!!! Of course, when I tried to get it on tape, he wouldn't do it! Grandma Deb was here yesterday and she got to see him roll over for the 2nd time! Hopefully we can catch it on film!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Boys...

Today Braxton got his 2 month shots:( He did really good...even when he got poked. (mom did good too!) After our appointment, he went and hung out with cousin Charli and Harper. Our 12 pounder next to this little almost 7 pounder...looks like a giant! They are 7 weeks apart!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Brad, Braxton and I went to Humphrey to have supper with Grandma & Grandpa Preister, and Uncle Chad, Aunt Brenda, Cousin Charli and Cousin Harper. It was a yummy meal! After that we went to "Unlce Lyle's" house... Braxton really isn't into the 4th this year...maybe it'll be a little more entertaining for him next year! Brad and I are going to go light off some fireworks now that it's dark...Brad really enjoys this holiday. The amount of money he spent on fireworks proves it:) fyi...we do have a monitor we are taking out with us...hope the loud bombs don't scare him...
Thanks Aunt Jen for my first 4th of July outfit...little big...but I wore it with style anyways!!!

.....pretty tired at the end of the day...