Friday, April 29, 2011


It has been a week long of celebrating at our house!!! April 23rd Brad turned the big 3-0! I tried my best to give him a 'surprise' party, and my cover got blown 30mins before...all in all, it was still a BLAST and he was surprised somewhat:) I am thankful it is over...I did A LOT of fibbing...and HATED that! But it was all in good reasoning, right?!?! (keep telling myself that to make me feel better)

Brad really wanted Braxton to have goldfish, so we came home with Terry and I'm sad to say the other mr.goldfish did not get a name...maybe if he would've lived longer than 6 days I would've gotten it named:( Braxton really didn't seem to mind they died!...good thing they are only 30cents, right?!

Uncle Lyle decided to bring the Easter Bunny to Braxton, since he was scared of it at the Easter egg hunt! He sure seemed to enjoy this little bunny! How adorable!

He was so great at coloring the eggs. When I asked him who he wanted to give them to, he replied, "daddy and jerry" Jerry is our neighbor...who is also Braxton's BESTEST buddy!!!

Brad*Nathan Chohon*Keith Reichmuch*Eric Reichmuth*Scott Wegener---Brad's classmates to surprised him at his party...there were a few more that didn't make the photo:) Brad's class is so close! It made Brad's night to have them there...Nate even drove 7 hours!! True Friends!!!
..and Thank You Gene Werner for helping Brad get his first and ONLY 30 pointer!!!

As you can see the Easter Bunny came Sunday morning...a tad too early for Brad!!!! In his defense, his wonderful friends were a little harsh on him with the drinks!!!
Grandpa John helping Braxton find his eggs at Great Aunt Jackies!So everyone thought I was horrible for having them take this picture and not redo it...this is just how it is with a 2 year win some, you lose some...obviously it was a losing day for photos...
Grandma & Grandpa B stopped by on Braxton's bday to bring him a few presents...

..and the famous Jerry even made it over! He MADE Braxton a box-scraper! AWESOME!!!
For some reason, he thinks his new fishing pole is a GUn.....
Brad, Braxton, and I spent the entire day in Omaha at the Henry Doorly Zoo! He LOVED the animals!!!!!!!!!! LOVED everything about the ZOO! It was SO much fun spending the day with the boys!!!!!!!!!!!
I even got a 'thumbs up'...he was having so much FuN!

...and the next day the party continued...he got his 1st John Deere hat from teh Al Bender Family!!!

...and the gifts just keep on coming...In the mail the day after, his mack truck, trailer and BACKHOE that he SO BADLY was asking for, FINALLY came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and it just keeps getting better, he got to drive the tractor with Jerry!!!! We are still hearing all about it!!!

***and the big party isn't until Sunday...hope I have enough room for pictures of all his loot he is going to get....*** ReMemBeR people, our house is SMALL!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

QUACK QUACK... check out Braxton's slippers...Mom's are you probably can't see them:)

Braxton is 'learning' to, Sunday he decided to share his oatmeal cream pie with his cows!!!, this is the famous "Tay-der" that Braxton loves so much...

...and this is Braxton and Taylor 2 years ago next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun times at the Easter egg hunt! Daddy & Braxton**Aaron & Callista**Leon & Logan----the future class of???20--???(that's too much math!)

...So Tom Cruise, do you prefer boxer briefs??????.....

...or whity-tighties?!?!?!?.....
I think he was actually sneezing as I took this...he really does like his new undies! I know, I know, someday he REALLY will not appreciate the photos I share with you all:)

---hope the Easter bunny finds all of you this weekend:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Never feels like there is enough time... I am a little behind right now on many things in life... I will try and back track our last part of March... Hmm...St.Patty's Day---Braxton got his 1st tattoo:) His lucky clover:) We didn't even party and drink our GREEN beer like we possibly did years ago (heehee), but I did go to play practice...Our town put on a melodrama "Pecos Bill & Slu-foot Sue meet the Dirty Dan Gang"...whew! Quite the title! It was practices every Sunday from Jan-thru March, and ended with multiple practices a week towards the end. For those of you who seen it, I hope you really enjoyed it as much as we did performing it! It was a great cast to work with! I, am NOT an actor, but with a few drinks :) I can pretend to be! I am glad and sad that it's over, but glad to have my Sundays back with my boys!!! So, Jody has decided that dad needs to eat healthier, and I agree...So she mentioned she doesn't buy ice cream anymore, so my sis and I bought him a homemade ice cream maker for his birthday, and I HAD to buy myself one, too!! We are LOVING it at the Busselman house!!!

Oh wow!!! So this picture isn't to show off his combover(where did that come from?!!?!) It is to show you the 'flower' he made us at school! He was SO proud of it when I picked him up:)

We had a Fireman's Supper a few weeks ago, and we made Easter Cupcakes to take...I have such a GREAT helper!!!(FYI--we didn't use the liners that he was playing with on the floor---I SWEAR!)

I KNOW this looks like child-labor or something, but he REALLY TRULY wanted to vacuum! He even CRIED when I told him it was time to shut it off! Now, daily, he wants to 'Keen' with mommy...why, just WHY can't his father want to 'CLEAN'!?!??!?! ......and YEA, that is VICTOR NEWMAN on the t.v. in the backround! Can you believe he is STILL on the Y&R?!?!?!?

...and here we are learning to lick the spatchula when mom got done baking bars!

What do you do when it snows at the end of March?!?!?! You make a SNOWMAN!!! (okay okay, so Brad made the snowman, but I had to go out in the cold and put the eyes/nose/mouth/buttons on! Give me some credit!!!)

REALLY mom?!?!?!? I thought I could HIDE his basketball from him till his birthday...this is the Handsome Smile I got from him when I said he could open it...but he had to say "cheese" first!!! "baset-ball' is his new favorite thing!!! and I MEAN FAVORTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving John Deere Tractors!!! Can't wait till planting season!!! ...and let me CLARIFY we ARE NOT the parents who let their child in their bed....BUT, one morning around 7am Braxton got up and ate his 'bar' (nutrigrain bars are his fav) as usual, then wanted to go by daddy (who was still in bed--no sense in us both being up, right?!)so, I put him by daddy and figured Brax would be jumping all over him, I went to shower, and this is what I came back to!!! Jealous Mom!!!
Cousin Harper and Charli came for a quick visit one Sunday morning...the boys' hair is identical!!! (...and ya, not sure who's on the t.v in this shot:)
and life is ALWAYS good when "Tay-der" comes to visit! Braxton cried when she left...even wanted to ride in her car!
Braxton had SO MUCH fun playing outside Saturday!!! What a BEAUTIFUL day it was!!!

And happy to announce, this is our new fence!!!!!!!!! It is really coming along!!!!!! The project is getting closer to being done!!!!!!!!
HUGE THANK YOU's to Brad, Lyle, Jerry, and John for doing the fence! I was at work doing prom hair...and it sounded like the guys had a few glitches with the fence...sad to say it was the manufacturer (and not our wonderful helpers), but they got it up and going eventually....

We went with 6 foot, total privacy, well, almost, we may cut a window for the neighbor...ha ha Jerry

Can you tell I'm LOVING it?!?!?!?

..and Grandpa came to check it out that evening...I was hanging with my foot resting on the tools, along with dad, so monkey-see, monkey-do had to do the same!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Check check check it out, our almost 2 year old can drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!