Wednesday, July 23, 2014

May days

Taking advantage of the windy days....

We went to Lincoln to the dentist...great checkup'nn. Then onto the Lincoln zoo for the first time!!
My cutie!
Train ride!!
He really liked this snake.  Can you believe I didn't buy it?!  He decided to wait til target to get a better toy!!;)
I really don't remember what this pic was about.....
I was mowing one night and this is what ran by!!!   Laughed my butt off!!!!  I knew he was playing, but had no idea he found his cape and mask.  So funny!!!!!!!  Our neighborhood is safe with this guy around!!!!!
He colored this..

Braxton likes taking pictures too.  Look at silly Pinkie swimming vertical!!

Mothers Day Weekend

Camping again!!!!!!
2nd camping trip of the year!  Chif white crane in Yanton!
It was a little cool out...
We bought a boat!!!!!!!!   Turns out after this picture...we loaded it back up and took it to the boat shop where it remained til Memorial weekend.  Sad boys!!!
Love a cool night with a fire
Practicing for tee ball!!!!  First game in June!
My beautiful Mothers Day card!!
Feeding the birds on our way home. 
Love my boys!!!
My beautiful arrangement waiting for me when I got home!  Brax took the led lantern of course!

Preschool Graduation!!! May 7, 2014

Our morning started off very well...these were the gifts he gave his teacher, and substitute. 
And the cupcakes for his fellow classmates!
So proud!!!!
And then the excitement came to a crash:( he appears to be doing the pledge if allegiance, but really he's crying facing the wall, inwhich he remained to do through the entire program. 
Until Emma's dad came out in uniform and was given a special award for serving for our country. Then, Braxton was great.  Little TERD!!!
Grandmas and Grandpa attended!
Way yo go Braxton!!
Mrs. Sunderman
The three boys!!  Brax, Gavin, & Max
Happy it's over!
A little ice cream making!!!
After graduation he gave the gmas and hpw a ride on his four wheeler and then we planted the garden!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

8 years!!!!

Happy Anniversary to us.   I remember our first anniversary we spent it in Omaha visiting our niece, Charli. As she received chemo.  Seems so long ago!!   That sweet little girl isn't so little anymore as she is growing up!!!  It's amazing how the years go by and I can't exactly remember how every anniversary was spent, but it was spent with each other, and that's the main thing!!!  The one I remember the most though, was our 3 year...  We spent it at home holding our week old miracle!!!
We've changed a little in looks!
My beautiful flowers;)

Monday, July 7, 2014

First camping 2014!

I am super behind at posting!!!
Our first camping trip this year was may 4th weekend!  We went to Weigand, Nebraska.  First time there, we loved it!!!! The boys made shadow puppets:)
Brad had a bell on his pole...good thing mommy has good hearing!
Braxton made himself supper!
He made me flower pots!!!!  Melt my heart!!!!
Looks comfortable, right?!!
Our family;)