Monday, March 14, 2011

Giddy-up Cowboy...
I do believe this will be my 'bragging about Braxton' update:) (as if every update I post is about anything else?!) Braxton has become fascinated with this light-thingy that attaches to his hats!

It was Dr.Seuss week at school, and this is his hat he made. He was SO proud of it. He has been making ALL sorts of fun things at Little Saints Daycare! He us Valentine's, Shamrocks, Face-plates, and is always bringing colored pictures home for us! WE LOVE IT!!!

Wishing it were because of better reasoning...but our friends had a funeral, so Braxton ended up having a SUPER-FUN playdate with Olivia & Logan! He wants "Livvy" to come back he tells me! Logan was born 2 months after Brax..but has 3-4 inches on him, and about 8lbs as well...we have discovered Brax is a little peanut...(sorry Uncle Lyle, I will remain to call him that!)

Aunt "Kelldy" came for a visit, and Braxton didn't want her to leave...he still asks 'where Kelldy go?!?!?!?"

You are never too little to lick the spoon while mom bakes!

LOOK OUT GAMPA! Braxton, Myself, Dad, & Jody went to Colorado this past weekend to celebrate Londyn's (my niece) first birthday! We got to go to a parade, where Braxton felt the need to push 'gampa' over...over, and over....

He was so silly with his stroller...

Him and Conner tended to fight over this car a tad bit, but Braxton being littler, and Conner is such a good sharing cousin, he let Brax have his way...pretty much let Braxton have his way the entire weekend:( Sorry Con
At the parade with Gamma & Gampa Sweet Lil Londyn is on the move

..this little chunk-a-monk can E*A*T!!! She is ADORABLE!!! Braxton LOVED on her so much! He even got to feed her a few bottles, but was quick to tell her I was 'his mommy'...

Conner got Grandma to 'shave' the frosting off his face...he was such a good big brother this weekend!


This is my FAVORITE pic! He looks like a pro...look at the stance...haha---for those of you who know us, Braxton better not get his 'sporting skills' from us, or he is in trouble:)

Justin*Jen*Conner*Londyn-MISS YOU GUYS!!!
The chair Londyn is in, Jody painted it to match her room and Londyn LOVED it...wouldn't leave that chair alone the rest of the weekend! G-reat gift guys!

Braxton always manages to get presents too...Thanks for the bubble maker Aunt Jen!

Story time started out with Jen and Brax and led to FUN for all!!! Thanks for the popcorn Uncle Justin!

Justin's mom was also there, inwhich by Sunday, he was calling her "his gamma"! and loving all over her. She gave Conner this gigantic velcro sandwhich making kit...Braxton and Jen had a blast with it...he was so excited while they were playing, he even started calling her 'mommy jen'...I was jealous..he was 'ALL ABOUT HER!" poor Amanda...
thanks Jen for teaching him to say 'purple jelly'
Ah, Thank you Grandma Sheri for the fun activities for the ride to and from. I have to admit, this was the absolute worst he has ever traveled...but it still wasn't as bad as it could have been I guess. Dad & Jody nicely told me they thought he did was a long 9 hours, and the poor thing just wanted 'out'...understandable!!!
All -in- all, we had a great trip. The weather was good. And we made it to and from safe and sound. It has been YEARS since I went on a vacation with my dad..and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks Dad & Jody!!!
We have become in love with 'micky' and 'minnie' and 'goofy' and 'luto' at our house...he even gets up in the morning and asks for 'tv'...which probably isn't the best thing, but he is like me, he likes the noise on, but doesn't even watch much of it...
His vocabulary has become so broad lately! We went thru the alphabet book tonight and he pointed to most everything and followed with telling me what each picture was of! I cannot believe our little man is going to be 2 in less than 2 months...If you ask him, he will tell you already that he is '2'...and sometimes he will even tell you he is 'blue'. They learned those two things at daycare and he is stuck on that! They informed me today that maybe we should look to pull-ups or underwear soon. He has remained 'dry' at daycare the past few weeks...YAY!!! I hope we keep progressing forward with this! As we were loading up our new freezer tonight, he informed me 4 times that he had to go 'poddy' or 'poopy', so, 4 trips in and out of the house/garage, with him going every time...led to me getting NOTHING done...I'm thinking diapers were easier! HA! Just joking! We are so proud of him, and hope he keeps it up! Thanks for following along on this long and BRAGGING update tonight! I know all of your kids out there talk and can use a bathroom, but he is our one and only little man and we are going to dwell on it all and enjoy every minute of him!!!