Saturday, December 31, 2011


For those of you who count down, well, here it is, A NEW YEAR!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am proud of all of you who make the new year's resolutions, and proud of you who actually keep them, and proud of all ya'll who attempt! (more than I can say for myself!) I have a hard time with making rules for myself;)

(my missing picture) Grandma Deb, Grandma Jody (with) Harper, Great Grandma Lois, Charli (with) Grandpa Bob, Braxton (with) Great Grandpa Allen & (our lovely photographer)Brenda
:)Braxton was making a shoe out of playdoh and came to try it on my foot...looks like I wasn't cinderella:( It did not fit.

He was so serious listening to his father...but really, he was more than thrilled to get a sleeping bag from Grandpa & Grandma Busselman...He sleeps with it every night!!!

You are seeing correctly, a swimming shark is going through the living room at the Busselman's! I always knew anything was possible at Grandpa & Grandma's!!

Only our child!! he got a tow truck, and later got a jeep, and managed to hook them together! Like Father Like Son:)


Sunday, December 25, 2011


Saturday night was the kick off to our Christmas'. We hosted my family for a Christmas Eve supper. (thankfully we were all feeling somewhat better) The first time I was to host Christmas, was 2 years ago...the GIGANTIC snow storm:( So only Dad & Jody had made it. SO, I was really excited this year! We (okay, Brad) made a prime rib and smoked a turkey, but I take credit for the twice baked potatoes, corn, and cheesecake;)mmmm!!! The kids had SO much fun playing together! Braxton was so excited all day! We made the mistake of telling him that when he got up from nap, Charli and Harper would be here--that little stinker cut his nap short...but we still did okay...

He HAD to build a wall he tells me?!?
His teacher, Ms. Krys gave him a dry erase board. He was practicing B's and C's on it

I told him to smile...and he made a monster face instead:)

The kids happened to be sitting like this so I told them to show me a face...I'm liking what I'm getting;)

----oops----accidentally deleted a grandparents photo...I will upload it later...moving on...

Our B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L niece her long sweater...NOT a dress!

...and her handsome lil bro, Harper!

Some would think I dressed the boys alike, but I DID NOT!!!!

Brax made Reindeer food at school, so before bed we were sprinkling it on the yard!--looks like it attracts pandas!!!

He made sure to remind Great Grandpa Allen that he needed a hug goodbye~

...and Grandpa Bob needed a hug, too he said~

I woke at 4:58A.M. to hear Braxton saying, 'come her mom...'

He played for a bit, and did end up going back to sleep til 7...whew!!!

Santa pulled thru and brought a semi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because ya'll know we had room for this train table...

We ALL got B&B Repair Sweatshirts!!!
p.s. Santa brought lots more...but I don't want to be judged, so I'm not posting anymore pics...LOL!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

What goes up...must come down...
Braxton has been very crafty at school lately! I love his art projects he brings home!!!

Braxton informed us that the reason he doesn't sleep in his bed is because "it is a baby bed and he IS NOT A BABY!!!' He has been sleeping on his cars to his bed:(
Isn't this just adorable?! He is such a helper!!!

THANK YOU to cousin Carson for borrowing us his bed!!! Braxton wanted to 'drive it' and couldn't understand why he couldn't push it around his room! It was 'too heavy' he informed us!

Sad to report that Braxton did not sleep any better in his bed last night. He still woke MANY times...

...but Brad sure had a good nap this afternoon on it:)


Friday, December 23, 2011

It hits again...

I thought maybe I would be able to escape the flu, but no such luck. I'm hoping now that all 3 of us have had it within 3 days, that hopefully it's gone and we will not pass it on to anyone. I am feeling somewhat better...I am trying to scrub and sanitize and shampoo carpets, and do laundry as much as I can, but I'm not going to lie--I have NO energy! I REALLY am hoping all gets done so we can have Christmas at our house tomorrow with my family as planned...
I have to share this little story..there was no picture taken, but you can visualize! When we went to bed last night, I cuddled up on the bathroom floor (just made more sense) and Brad and Braxton went to bed...Braxton knowing I was sleeping on the bathroom floor. I woke up ill at 3am...alone in my bathroom. Woke again at 5:30am, to find Braxton had carried his pillow pet into the bathroom doorway, and layed down beside me. For some reason he didn't bring blankets in with him, but was obviously cold, as I found him covered up by towels!!! I thought that was pretty cute. All them times he helped put laundry away payed off:) Good thing he knew where to find them:)

I hope everyone has A WONDERFUL Christmas Eve!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Days and counting down.....

We are ALL excited for Santa to come here at the Busselman House!!! I am SO anxious to start some family traditions for our family of 3!!! The last few years we did a few things, but this will be the start of him actually remembering from year to year!! I cannot believe HOW MUCH this child remembers!!!!

I hope things go as well as planned...Braxton came down with the flu Tuesday afternoon and it held on strong til 5:30am....Wednesday night he seemed good...then Wednesday night-Thursday early a.m., Brad was lucky enough to catch it...Needless to say I'm spending every second at work these days!!! I am just awaiting my turn:( I HOPE and PRAY we DO NOT pass this on to anyone...although I'm hearing it is everywhere!!!

He wasn't sick in this picture, but he kinda looks sad....buck up butter cup:)
he was just REALLY into Donald Duck!
If you look at the previous picture...look at my little rudolph the red nosed reindeer! He had a minor accident at school earlier this week...even got himself his first bloody nose! They tell me he's a bleeder, but a trooper;)

What makes every little boy feel better?!?!? Duh...a tractor, combine, wagon, and semi from Jerry!!! I was at work when this all took place, Brad even took pictures (maybe he is more trained than I thought-good man!) but as I'm looking at this picture, it dawns on me that Jerry can wrap! Way to go Jer:)

He was pretty proud when I got home! And please excuse my messy house---and my childs' unmatching jammies!!! It has been a little bit of chaios at our house this week...Which leads me to my next thought...if someone out there will finish my Christmas shopping, PLEASE let me know...I will willingly hand over my debit card!!! (I'm SERIOUS!!!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Santa...

Braxton has been telling us for over a month, that for Christmas he wants: a cycle, a hammer, a john deere bench and a green semi, and a dirt mover!! Everytime anyone asks him what he wants, he rattles these things off without hesitation!!! I hope Santa pulls through;)

Not everyone grew up with St.Nick, but we did! So, we mixed a bunch of ideas together from my childhood, Brad's, and threw in a few others...and December 6th Braxton and Brad hung the letter he wrote (from school) on the clothes line...and set their boots outside the door and waited....
meanwhile....a scary shark came by!!!!!

...the doorbell rang and there sat candy in Braxton's boots, but it was surrounded by rocks because he was 'a little naughty' as he tells us....

...and daddy was 'a lot naughty'...look at that big ol rock!!!
(and mom was at work...and someone neglected to put her boots out!)

So with the first snow, what else do you do, other than eat a bowl of it?!?!?!?!? I have NO IDEA why he wanted snow, but he did. And then we had a science lesson and learned why it turned to water....

I am SO excited...I got invited to a cookie exchange!!!! I am to bring 8 DOZEN cookies!!! AHHH...let the baking attemption begin! (obviously the gal who invited me has never tasted my baking;)

...and the building starts...

Braxton~Daddy~Mommy ( I didn't ever consider myself short...till now!)
(OH MY GOSH!!! As I'm viewing this...I just noticed what's in Brad's left hand...NICE!)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Santa" the elf

We had a busy week around here as usual! Brad's littlest sister, Megan & hubby, Chad, were back to visit for a week, so Braxton is STILL talking about his Uncle Chad, and how he has 2 Uncle Chad's!!! He is learning there are 2 of a lot of people! There is "big Jett and little Jett" at school...the "red Uncle Chad, and the Uncle Chad with no belly button"....((I better explain that a bit. Chad had Husker attire on and Braxton noticed all his red. As for my brother Chad, he was in a horrid accident years ago and with many surgeries, he was left with no belly button))..."big Carson (his cousin) and little Carson at school"...."great Grandpa Alan, and Alan Bender..these are some of his favorites he talks about often. He thinks it is pretty cool to know 2 people with the same name! He's having a hard time understanding why people call daddy, Uncle Brad, 'his name is not Uncle, it's daddy!!!' he shouts at them:) So much to teach a 2 and half year old! And we have learned not to forget the 'half'!!! And everyday he asks if he is 5 yet! NNOOO!!!! That seems crazy to think of preschool and kindergarden and etc to follow!!! I believe school is where he first learned 'big and little' though. So by being tall makes you big in his eyes (not fat) just to clear that up!

Before having Braxton I remember thinking how cute it is when kids wear their halloween costumes when it isn't even halloween! And when they dress themselves and totally Don't match! Well, we are now there! Living reality and I LOVE IT!
Doesn't he just look awnry?!?!

I guess Brad does know how to run my camera! What a lovely shot:) Braxton wanted to sleep on his cars couch one night, and being the parents we are, sure why not! Well, he takes every nap on there and has slept there every night since! One night he asked if I would lay by him for a bit, sure thing! I thought I'd just pretend to shut my eyes...yea...3 hours later I woke up to realize I had a great snooze!

Uncle Chad.Aunt Megan.Braxton

He had a BLAST with these two!!! They haven't been back for a year, so I'm sure he was a totally different kid then when they last saw him!

Brad was in a wedding this weekend...which means lots of Grandparent time for Braxton! He started Friday night off at "grandma kor-fus's' house" where they had a houseful of people for Thanksgiving meal, followed by waking up Saturday morning and saying 'I go Grandpa Bob's house now, right mommy!" but, it wasn't a question, more of a demand! To let you know how his stay was, well, let's just say he started crying and screaming when I went to pick him up! He DID NOT want to go home:( He told me he helped Grandpa Bob move snow with the first thing we had to do when we got home this chilly morning...yep you guessed it! Although he did say that Grandpa Bob doesn't have a dumptruck like him:) We are SO lucky to have grandparents (on both sides!) around so close!!!

Okay!! Story time! I was on Pinterest (LOVE IT!!) earlier today and Braxton happened to see the elf on the shelf on the computer and asked all about him. I told him what I knew and followed with telling him that if he was really good, maybe, just maybe Santa would send and elf down for him. He followed with, 'i wanna take a nap momma'! OKAY! I will never turn down a kid wanting to take a nap!!! The crazy part of this, is that while he was napping, this package was delivered on our porch...and Brad and I had NOTHING to do with it! I know I know, Santa brings the elf you are thinking...(but being realistic to all you parents--someone had to bring it!)
Let's just say we have great friends!!!

We had to get a picture with "SANTA the Elf" before we picked out a spot for him to sit for the day! yep, he named him all by himself! We decided that whatever name he first picked that we would go with it:)

This is where Braxton placed him. I sure hope "Santa" doesn't need all them kleenex's when he sees how naughty Braxton is!

And I sure hope that "Santa" the elf remembers to sit in another spot tomorrow...ahh...that would be tragic if he didn't move:)(note to self!)

Happy December!!!