Friday, August 30, 2013

Yay me?!!!!!!!

I just discovered how to upload from the iPad to my blog!!!!  I guess I've never really taken the time to look into it...I've been missing out!!!   How simple!!!!!
Hopefully now I will keep up a little better..??!!!??
It's Thursday, so I'm off work, Braxton is napping..I should be cleaning...nut that's no fun!!!  I finally ordered my blog books to get printed...I realized I was 2 years behind at them.  Also, I take about 200 of my favorite photos and make a books and print it yearly...the last one I printed was when he was 2!!! So, I finished up the 2-3 and 3-4 year books and ordered them as well!!!   I'm feeling a little less anxiety now!!!  Feels good to accomplish tasks that may seem small to others, but tasks that weigh me down!!!
Braxton started preschool yesterday!!!!!!   He is a "little Bulldog" at LHF!!!
Details and pictures soon......

At 6:20 am he did request Mickey Mouse it was....after I hoped in the shower and he came barreling in telling me he was very mad at me...I realized what he wanted...yep, he wanted the ones with wholes in know, out of a box?!!!argh!!  This was the start of our day....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trips & family....

August 17th, we traveled to Omaha and met up with Brads parents, the Hoefers, and his sister,Kelly and friend Brian, and we spent the day at the zoo.  Earlier that morning, we went to Harper and Charlis soccer games!!!  Very funny to watch!  Braxton seemed a little off, but we woke him early, so made sense.   As we arrived at the zoo....the fever set in..he was miserable:(.  We got a stroller and tried to make it fun for him.  He did perk up towards the very end of the 90 degree day!!!  
Later that night, we surprised Kelly at a bar with a 30th birthday party celebration!!!  Even Meg and Chad came back....they were Kelli's main surprise!!!  The kiddos all got to stay at the hotel with Gma & Gpa!!!
That following Tuesay, our trip we planned months ago..finally arrived!!!!  We flew out to Colorado by The Widhalms!!!!!!   We got to go to Garden of the Gods, Mined for gold, and had a great day at the Cheyenne Mountian Zoo!!!  It was great being able to see them all, and especially loved seeing where the kids go to school!!!!
Braxton and Uncle Justin (his new buddy!) playing...
Ohh Londyn are a princess!!!!!
We were heading out the door...but not without lego candy first....
Spider-Man arrived!!!!
Londyn and Brax decorated Justin's 36th bday it!!!!
The silly. Culprits......
Just playing...
We sent Brad a picture..asking if he missed our silly faces!!
We flew in super Kate Friday night...and had my cousin, dericks wedding the next day.  Brad was meeting us at the hotel we thought....we got off the plane, and Braxton was saying how he missed his daddy, and well, there he stood!!!    Took Braxton a bit to spot him, but it brought tears to someone's eyes;).  What a great surprise!!!!!   Brads always thinking!!!  Braxton later asked who he missed most...and clever clever...he told Braxton he was the of he missed the most, and mommy was the girl he missed the most:).   

Back Track...

Finally pictures from Preister Camping at Timberlake!
Braxton loves when he gets to see Great Grandpa Allen and Grandma Allen (as he refers to her)

 Pitch.Swing.Hit!!!  This was the first time he was able to hit the ball repeatedly when pitched to!  He was so excited...maybe tee ball next year?!
 On our way to horse back riding..thinking there was NO way he would do it...
 ..prove mom wrong again!  LOVED It...well, he did, I was scared!

So thankful for the weekend we got to spend with the Preister's!  We didn't do much with my dads family growing up, and seeing how much we missed out on...makes me sad, but we are making up lost time now!  Such a fun family!!!  Braxton is really getting to know extended cousins!  LOVE IT!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


I cannot believe its August already?!?!
After my computer crashing in March, it's hard for me to get to Brads computer to upload pictures and keep up!(don't you love my excuses?!) 
I realized this morning that I'm able to update from the iPad, just not sure how to uplad my gets the best of me, A LOT!  
Braxton is loving his summer babysitter, Erika!  She has 4 younger siblings, and it shows!   She does so much with him!!!   He LOVES her!!!!!!   He will be going to the daycare in a few weeks full time once she starts school.  He s not excited about daycare, but very excited about preschool!!   Every night as he lays in bed, and procrastinates, he asks so many questions bout school!   I think he's a little nervous:) 
But before school can start.....we have one sat summer trip planned.....a trip to Aunt Jennifer's!!!!!!!!!!!!   We just told him about our trip coming up!!!  It's been hard keeping it from him these last 5 months!!!!!he woke up From nap crying that he missed Aunt Jennifer, so we figured it was Time to tell him!!  Wish I would've videod that one!!!  We are hoping to find a "cool" book bag in Colorado!!
As I type, Braxton us setting up his "garage sale"... I think he gets that from Grandma Sheri!   Too bad we couldn't REALLY sell some of these toys!!!  He's also breaking from that to build a boat with Legos!   He can spend hours with these Legos!!!   And so can his father!!!!
I will have to get pictures posted from two weeks ago camping trip!  The Preister family went to camp Timberlake and we had so much fun!!!  Braxton even went on the horse trail ride with me!!!   Our horse was Bergy.  It stopped a few times to "restroom" and Brax found that quite funny!!!   Braxton sure took to the older cousins!!!   He is still telling stories daily about events that happened camping!!  
A few days ago, he got to have a keep over at Grandma Sheri's with the cousins!!    Sounds like it was a late night of FUN!!!!  
Last night we went to my cousin, Jesses wedding!  What a beautiful bride he's got!   Braxton wanted to touch her pretty dress?!!   And WOW!!!!!!!did Braxton dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He's got his fathers moves;).  Another family wedding in a few weeks, I can't wait!!!
As our summer draws to an end, I realized I didn't get much done around the house like I planned....but the fun camping trips and memories made make me smile!!!   Memories is what life is about!!!
Happy August!!