Monday, September 22, 2014

First strep throat!

So swimming lessons weren't so great.  The weather was we thought maybe that was why he cried pretty much the entire time....but then we found out he was sick...
Took some convincing to jump.....
We went to the combine demo in Albion...and onto some rides!!!!!
We won a fish!  Yay! (Sarcasm!!). We named him Goldie...and today is Sept 22 and it's still alive...although Pinky, the beta passed away today.   
The next day... Phone call from daycare. Which about gave me a heart attack to see the caller Id saying daycare....I always panic!
103.7 fever.  Strep throat.   He handled it well!!
Poor little buddy.  He was so warm!!!!!
We bounced back quickly!   41 bags of corn with the help from this cutie!!!!  Went to put them away at 12:30 am to realize our freezer wasn't working!  Things were thawing.   So we loaded everything and took it to the shop freezers in the pouring rain!    Later found out...the door didn't get shut tight!  The next few days were 100 degrees!  Thank God we found it when I did!!!!
So.  Neighbor Ben got a haircut late one night after I was mowing/gardening.  I left the shop and finished the garden.  The next day when another client paid with a $50, it dawned on me...Bens wasn't in the drawer....I called him, thinking I must've counted his change back to him and given him the 50 as well.  He replies with "ask your son".    I call daycare....yep. Braxton giggles and said Ben told him to put it in his pocket.  So he did.  And "it's mine mom".   So I rush, find it in his shorts.  Had it maybe been a $20 it would've not bothered me so much.....whew!  Ornery little boy.  Just doing what he was told!  I should pay better attention to where things go! Ha
Helping with the produce.  He neatly arranged them on the 4 wheeler for me.  Sad we took the garden out last weekend while Brad was in Minnesota fishing.   

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fourth of July

We spent Fourth of July at Weidners cabin in Niobrara.  It was a great time boating, beaching, playing games and eating!!!
Beautiful sun set
Braxton prepping for kindergarten shots. He did great with the exam. Dr Rowher commented on how great he did, then said, I hope shots to this well. Braxton said, shots???!!!  And started crying.  Then when the gals poke his arms, right, left, right, left..he stopped crying and stared at them asking what they were doing. Silly boy!
They poked his finger, too. 
After wards we took Taylor Bender flowers.  We ate at hyvee and when we walked out he saw flowers and wanted to take them to her at her job across the parking lot.  Want a sweetie!!
We have ababa duck!!!  Quackers
Eating with Krings on a random day. 
Playing go fish on our way to Fort Randall camping for the first time!  We got up there late, in the rain, and dark. But it was a great time!!
Great paths for bike riding!
We beached it to look for rocks!!!   Braxton's favorite thing!

Hanging out!  
Beautiful views up here!!
Stopped to go to the bathroom and he came out with shades;)

Relay 4 Life

These two cuties had fun at the relay held at Platte College!
Charli made her first lap, then family joined in
Great Grandpa Allen, Grandpa Bob, and Braxton. 
Just doing our laps!
Aunt Brenda having fun with the kids chasing balloons. 
My mini rose bush plant bloomed the day of relay. Made me think of Uncle Ivan. 
Having supper after visiting Chohons new baby, Kayda. 
Over one years time, I had over 50 ponytails for locks for love and other organizations!!!!!
Braxton decided to make a sail boat out of my large zucchini. 
Almost finished  carving...
And it floats!
Holding his first worm finally!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

End of June =end of ball

Camping at Chief White Crane again;)
Braxton loves to give you "bunny ears" in every photo!
Even Great Gpa and Gma came!!!
Batter up!!
Great Season!  Thanks Norma Preister for coaching!!

Cheering crowd!!!
More fans!!
Even Anna from daycare came!!!!
Catching lightening bugs after the game!   Catching fireflies is like the best part of summer!!!
Eye dr visit before Kindergarten!!!!  He did great!!!!!!
He actually wanted to wear these crazy glasses afterwards!!!
We went to the Columbus watermark...til the clouds over took!  We just made it to the van when it started to down pour!  So Dairy Queen for ice cream it was!!
Brad loves fireworks!!!!!
Indian!!  He made his own feather hat thing;)