Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up 2012

Better late, than never, right?! These last few weeks have been so crazy busy with shopping, Christmas', working, and some play:)
We hope you & yours had a great holiday!
Braxton made this pinecone tree at daycare!  LOVE IT!
 This snowman, he also made...but had me add a hat, sword (YES!!That is supposed to be a sword!),feet, eye patch, and later (not pictured) a pocket!  Mr.  Snowman, is now a pirate snowman!   Brax is in love with pirates these days:)
 Jerry stopped by bearing gifts for Braxton.  These two are buds!!!  Braxton was screaming, jumping up and down, and almost knocked Jer over when he opened his tractor and disc ripper!!!
 ...yes, yes, I's red :)
 On our way to Preister Christmas...chillaxin'
 Memory lane...when I was little, my dad used to do this horse ride with me ALL the time!!!!!  It brought tears to my eyes when I came into the room hearing my dad telling Braxton how I used to love this when I was little!!  Hope ya weren't too soar dad...haha
 One of the MANY silly faces I get when I ask Braxton for a smile.....
 PJ's from Grandma &Grandpa Preister...awww....hope these two are always so close!  (Brax is actually 2 months older...amazes me when I see it in print how BIG Harper is!)
 ...and this is the real Harper and Braxton!
 Braxton~Gma Jody~Harper~Gpa Bob
I have to laugh!!!  Braxton wanted to write BOB...and he can make all them letters, except he put an extra O in there....LOL   
 We've waited SOOOO long for sledding!!!
Me and my Buddy
 Snowball fight with Dad!
 Almost fit daddy!
 Braxton made me a princess crown!  He asked for his 'safety scissors' and glue the other day, and came back with this! He  came running to me and said, "mommy!!!!I made you a crown because you are a princess!!"
Braxton has this thing, when he changes his clothes, he likes to go cruizin'....Cousin Carson couldn't let Braxton have all the fun!!!
 Grandma & Grandpa B with the 3 silly grandkids!
Hope everyone had a great 2012, and be safe welcoming in 2013!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cousin Fun

Although it was a sad time with my Uncle passing away, we were all able to smile about all the great memories we had with Ivan.  He will be missed by everyone!   We took Braxton to the wake and funeral.  He had, and still does have A LOT of questions, but I think it also helped him understand some things, too.  He is FULL of questions.  The other night while saying our prayers, he said, "mommy, when I die, can you and daddy die with me?  Because if I get to heaven before you and daddy, Jesus will say, 'BRAXTON JOHN, where are your mommy and daddy?' , and then I will be so sad.  So can you and daddy die with me?"    Tear-jerker, ugh?!   In the next sentence he asked if there are chocolate poptarts in heaven?!
My sister and her family were able to come back to Nebraska for a few days.  SOOOOOOOOO  happy to have them stay with us!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 cute firefighters! *Conner & Braxton*
 Aunt Jen, Brax, and Conner (who is having more fun?!)
 Aunt Jen is all abour projects, and craft time, so this was their fun thing they did one day!
 BUSTED!!!   Conner and Charli wrestling:)
 Grandpa Bob and his 5 grandchildren!!!!!  ( Londyn was at his feet)
 Londyn and Uncle Brad have a special relationship.  It consists of, Brad not going anywhere near her!!  She will smile at him from  distance, but he isn't able to hold her...til this last time!!! He even got a kiss!!!
 Brax got to help do chicken chores at Ben & Donna's, so he got to bring eggs home.  He was SO pumped!!!
 Our CRAZY little Elf, Chip-et, thought Braxton was so good, he got a book!!!  And a note telling him to keep up the good work!
 St.  Nick came to our house!!!  Brax and Brad must've been good...they got lots of goodie....I got a candy cane....

Happy December...seems the month is getting by us so quickly!