Monday, November 30, 2009

7 months and on the go!!! Braxton has been going from sitting to crawling position for weeks now. Just a few days ago he started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth a little... And just this morning...partially caught on video, he attempts to crawl for the first time!!! You'll have to watch closely because my camera card was full and I only caught a few seconds of him going...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In becoming a parent, I knew there would always be things everyday that would surprise me...some would be good, some would make me mad, some sad, some that will take your breath away...but what I didn't plan on so soon, was this....

....picking my child up from daycare and finding out another kid BIT his forhead!!!!! :) I would like to make it clear that I did not get mad...I was too busy laughing!!! Imagine this 28lb 1 year old, going up to give Braxton a "kiss", but really ends up biting him...poor thing!

it's a little tough to inch above his left eye is two cute little teeth marks

don't worry..the marks faded a few days later

SO, those of you who watch Everybody Loves Raymond will totally know what I'm talking about here!!! If you know the show, then you know who Frank is. Well, I've been telling Brad for weeks that Braxton looks like Frank!!! Frank is this sweet little old man who doesn't have much hair, but what little is there, needs shaped up because it is growing over his ears!!! And, being the hairstylist here, it was driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!! So, I finally got my way last night and little Frank got the hair around his ears trimmed and tappered up...ahh...I slept well last night!

like I said, there isn't much there...but this looks so much better!

and here is the cast...can you figure out which one Frank is??!?! you understand why Braxton NEEDED his first haircut!

Braxton came down with his 4th cold now..borderline RSV doc he was pretty whiny when we would put him in his bed alone to, daddy getting the good end of the deal here volunteered to nap on the living room floor with him! Don't they look so peaceful?!?!

Hope everyone has a GREAT turkey day!!!!!! and good luck to all you crazies who shop Friday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just wanted to share some random pictures!!! Braxton is gearing up to crawl soon! He goes from sitting to the crawl position in a flash...looks like we will be "Braxton-proofing" the house sooner than we thought!All these toys and he chooses this!!!...should be easy to shop for him for Christmas:)
This is the look I usually get when I try to feed him...he really is a good eater!

MY his mommy a kiss:)

Chillin' with his bottle...

Playing with Gramma Deb

Checking out Uncle Dillon (he was so fascinated with Dillon...I think it was the hat)

Italic"Really Grandpa?? You wanna buy me a new truck when I turn 16?!"....I'm pretty sure that's what the two were discussing...:)

here's that box again!

Thanks Aunt Jen and Uncle Justin for the Adorable boots and Grandpa and Grandma Preister for the hat!!!

He was supposed to be helping me fold the laundry...

....and he DID NOT want to fold laundry...I think he was trying to hide from me (gets that from his dad)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brad and I took Braxton in for his 6 month shots today. It was the first time Brad got to come with us...usually he has to work. Braxton did great until the shots came...tears were flowing for a few seconds...til he got picked up! He got extra shots...we decided to do the H1N1 along with the regular flu shot. Brad and I even got our H1N1 mist and flu shot..whether it's the right thing to do or not, we did it. So many pros and cons I guess.
Well, our little man weighs 17 pounds 4 oz, and is 27.5 inches long. Falling right into the 40% percentile on weight and 80% percentile on length! Doc says he will be long and skinny...maybe takes after Uncle Chad?!?!?
pretty happy considering he just got poked 4 times!!!
playing with his 'little captain'..and many other toys as you can see!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hope everyone had a great time trick-0-treating Saturday. We took Braxton around to a few family and friends' houses and then had some trick-0-treaters at our house...
There are a lot of pictures...ENJOY!!! waking up...offering mom his paci:)

...oh someday he won't like this was his first time in the 'big tub'!
when I put him down to nap he wasn't laying this way...this is how happy he wakes up from nap :)

little monkey and Grandpa B...they are looking so cute at one another!

Little Monkey Braxton, Grandpa John and Grandma Sheri B

Daddy, Mommy and Braxton

Cousin Carson (future NE quarterback) Litttle Monkey Braxton, and Kenna (the nice witch)

Braxton looking like he wants to wear Carson's helmet...

a few of our trick-0-treaters...Minnie (Cousin Charli) and Dinosaur (Cousin Harper)

Sitting so nicely...a dinosaur, minnie mouse, and a monkey!!!

Granma Deb, Harper, Charli, and Braxton...

Braxton, Grandpa Bob, Harper, Gramma Jody, and Charli

Braxton, Granpa, and Harper....the boys were trying to see who could get more fingers in their mouths......

The little monkey and the little dinosaur warming up to one another...sly little grins...they are up to trouble already....

warmed up so well to one another, Braxton decided he could knaw on Harpers head...sorry Harper!!!

...since he couldn't knaw on him anymore he decided he would go for his nose...poor Harper...they may only be 7 weeks apart..but Braxton seems to think seniority rules!!!

Braxton's giving us a "thumbs up" telling us it's okay to go out and leave him with Gma and Gpa:)