Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello? Gamma?? Are you there???

Wow! The independence is coming through! Braxton has been wanting to do so much on his own...which is sad for mommy:( You all know what I mean, it now takes 5 minutes to pick out our clothes, which usually consists of a 'Mader shirt, Mickey Mouse underwear, and Cars shoes...then it takes another 5 minutes to put our coat on, and climb into our car seat...oh how fun the mornings are---REALLY!! It is pretty cute! Don't get me wrong, he still whines and clings to us often, but is at the same time growing up so much! It is like having a conversation with a little mini-grownup.

He asked if he could call his "gamma Sheri" and go to hers house...
They were counting/organizing money...

He wanted to make a road, with water and a stop sign... I told him all the info about a stop sign once...

Mommy: "Braxton, what do you do when you get to a stop sign?"

Braxton: "Look for cars!!"

Mommy: "what shape is a stop sign?"

Braxton: "an ock-ta-gon"

Mommy: "and what color is a stop sign?"

Braxton: "Green and Yellow"...

Yea...we have a little ways to go with our colors....

Braxton was so excited to have Uncle Dillon stay with us! They played so well together and Dillon even babysat for us!!! Brax was sad when he had to go back home...

We made it to Cousin Charli's soccer game! She is SOOO good!! She's in the black! She WAS NOT afraid to go after that ball!!!

and Cousin Carson was playing, too!!! He made a great goalie!!!

While Brad was in Wyoming for a family wedding, Braxton and I had a very busy weekend with Booster club, making food for my circle, and working...and don't forget--our POPCORN PARTY!!! This is an every night thing now!!!

On Sunday, I took him to the Pumpkin Patch. Brad happened to be gone last year for this, too...so maybe it will just be a yearly thing for 'momma & Brax'...can you see the excitement on his face!! He was jumping SO high!!! And when he got out, he went up to the lady, thanked her and gave her a hug for letting him jump...HOW CUTE!!!

We were giggling:) "Look at that silly duck with his butt in the air, Momma --He's funny"

We went down this slide again, and again, and again...did I mention again, and again, and again?!?!?!

This is where he HAD to call his daddy and tell him about the deer he sees:)

...and he INSISTED on riding in the BLUE train!

And he rode on snickers, that was 'brown and white' according to him...

As I sit here right now...he is saying, "momma, Braxton is riding the horse"

and he has taken my camera cord and that is his 'gate', as he parks his skidloader for the night...
Every day this amazing little boy in my life amazes me with something new that he says! Some things are so sweet, some are hilarious, and some are sad...

When I got home from work last week he runs to me and says, "momma, I have a kiss for you!" And I almost broke into tears...then, he takes me by the hand and points to the hersheys kiss on the counter...ohhhhh....and then he ate it:) Sweet, but not what I thought he meant...:)

Then, he randomly will tell me that I'm not his friend, or he doesn't like me, then seconds later, he runs up to me, hugs me and tells me I LOVE YOU MOMMA! YOU ARE MY FRIEND!

Last night, he asked me, "momma, where is my sister?" After repeatedly telling him that he doesn't have a sister, he then asks, "when can I have a brudder then, momma?" "Camron has a brudder, Evan, and Gavin has a brudder (which is really a sister) Jaedyn". "When do I get a brudder?" I told him he would have to share his toys and his mommy and daddy if he had a brudder or sister, and he followed immediately with, "momma, I don't want a brudder anymore, okay" WHEW!!! PROBLEM SOLVED:)

A few nights ago I was putting laundry away and Brad and I were both in another room, and we could hear, 'mommy....mommy... MANDA WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?" OH MY! I guess that's what I get for teaching him our first names. Tonight Brad asked him what his name was, and he said, 'Braxton Buffelman'....we will have to work on our s's:)


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thank you to the sweet person who so kindly left my son a giagantic bag of mini tootsie pops in our mailbox!!! Although I'm not sure of the story behind them...Braxton will be excited when he gets up from nap to see 140 suckers!!! I LUV this small town!!!
Say it isn't so...

The imagination of a 2 year old!!! He insisted on having 'brown' play-doh, because, 'that's a boy color, right mom!?!' Minutes later, this is what I come to discover! He told me he 'needs Jordan to pull him out!'...and Jordan strongly explained, JOHN DEERES DO NOT GET STUCK BRAX!
Just incase you needed it from another angle...Sorry Uncle Chad...I know this picture is disturbing;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day
After doing some random things around the shop/house, we took Braxton fishing to the Lindsay Puddle! What FUN!!! He no more than dropped his line in and caught a fish!!! If you ask him how big it was, he will stretch his arms as far as he can and says, 'this big mommy!'...he's got a little story-teller in him:)

Shocked to see he actually wanted to 'pet' it!
...and of course after we got a bucket full, we let them 'go back by their mommies'

I promise he WANTED to wash his big wheel! I think he did quite a good job, too:) Brad was washing the pickup, so monkey see, monkey do!

No no, you aren't wrong, we Do Not live in the country, this is what has been going up and down our alley quite often! Jerry (Klassen) has been working quite a lot on his back yard...See what we started--all by adding a fence...it has created multiple projects for the entire neighborhood:) You should see the neighbors turn their heads when this pulls up!!!

Braxton LOVES tractors, but I repeatedly tell him to stay out of the way, and he took it upon himself to go to the far front of the garage, pull up a chair, and patiently wait for Jerry to get done. He was so proud to put his JD boots back on yesterday! Looks like fall is nearing!!!

Braxton has been big into counting everything lately, repeating (or mockin me as I call it!), asking what color EVERYTHING is, and his newest thing--when Brad and I are having a conversation, he will wait till we are done and say..."what you guys talking about"..or "what you say mommy to daddy"...looks like we are going to have to watch what we say...not that we are ever inappropriate:)


Church Saturday Night:

(keep in mind, this was after the fair!)

The setting---5 minutes into church when it is dead silent...

Braxton:"mommy, do you have sheep poop on you?"

Mom: "shhhh Braxton!!!!"

Braxton: "but mommy, do you have sheep poop on you???"

Mom: BEAT RED IN FACE!!! "no buddy!"


10 minutes later he starts to talk a little...

Brad slightly turns his head towards the front and shh's him..

Braxton: "mommy, daddy pulled my ear!!"

Mom: "shh braxton, it's okay"




another 5 minutes...

Braxton: " I see Papa John Mommy!!!"

and papa John thought this was pretty neat as you can imagine!

Oh what will he say next!!!????


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't forget....

Of course, you can't go to a fair without a $6, 30 second train ride...that he was 2 inches too short for...and I was 2 feet too big for...but they made me ride with him.....Ahh, he memories...

I'm a BiG kId

I get reminded often now by Braxton that he is "big, right mom?!" We stopped off at the grocery store in Humphrey after school one day, and he discovered their 'mini shopping carts' that was just the right size for him! He pushed it thru the 4 aisles they have:) and all I got to add to the cart was milk...these are the rest of the items he chose..

I am amazed because he actually picked out the noodles that I DO buy, the correct bread, and my favorite lettuce! He got a little healthy kick to him and grabbed an apple, informed me we have 'camel' at home...notice the SUGAR bug juice...:( he did GREAT! Maybe he will do all my shopping from here on...

Brad got him some ear (cover thingy) for hunting...and his new gun...you can see his 'i shoot you' coming out of his mouth as I took the pic! (don't worry, we are working on him only shooting deer...not people...he's 2, give me a break!)

Saturday, Brax and I took off for the state fair! (daddy had to work:() Once we FINALLY got parked and in the correct gate, we had FuN! He saw, BIG cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rode a train, and got many many toys...because you all know we don't have enough:)

He just discovered a BiG cOw!

He really wanted his picture taken by this tractor! It was ALL his idea---seriously!
I thought about buying it for him, the sticker said, $197,??0.01

I was shocked he wanted and did milk the cow!!!!

...and touched the sheep!!! Our little scardy-cat is coming out of his shell!!!!

We pulled away, and he sleepily said, "mom, I want my Grandma Jody, (yawn), I want my Gramma Sharwee, (yawn), I want me daddyyyyy...and he was out! Notice the tractor we could afford, the cultivator, anhydrous tank...and ? whatever that other thing is...he just had to have!
He was exhausted!!!