Sunday, May 15, 2011

An update from the Busselman's...

*So, after Braxton's Big Ol #2 Birthday...we are rearranging our 'not-so-big' house to make room for all the awesome toys we got!!!!! It was so sad when we went to put the basketball hoop together, we realized the yellow hoop ring thing was, a quick trip to Norfolk and we are all set with a new one with all the parts!!! He realized he wasn't tall enough, so he found his own way of making a basket! Little smartie!

*Always wore out after a big game of basketball...nothing better than falling asleep in daddy's arms:)
*So growing up in a MAJOR farming community, Braxton is constantly seeing tractors go by, and he 'WANTS TO RIDE TAC-TOR MOMMY!!!" So, good thing for the Bender's and Klassens:) Braxton got to ride in a few different colors of tractors:), and he even got to drive one! Thanks Casey and Jerry!!! Let me know if you need a hired-hand someday:)

We went on our first camping trip over Mother's day weekend! WHAT A BLAST!!! We went up to Pierce after work Friday. Braxton was beyond excited when we picked him up from school with the camper!!! It was such a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfect. We hung out Friday night, and Brad got some fishing in on Saturday while Braxton napped...(he had a great surprise when he woke up...)

Braxton is still in his crib at the age of 2...He has never attempted to crawl out, or even shown interest of doing so. When he wakes up, he just yells for 'daddy' or 'mommy I up', until he crawls out, we plan to keep him in there..hope he isn't 10 and still in there--haha

He was pretty excited to sleep on the couch in the camper! He did great! We were a little questionable about him falling off, and yep, good thing we put cushions down! About 4am, THUMP...didn't wake him to fall, but it woke mom! Why is it that mom's hear EVERYTHING and WORRY about EVERYTHING!?!?

*So, Saturday we rode bikes, walked, played tractors, ball, everthing else that summer brings, we even got the smore's out! Mmm:)

When it was time to come home, Braxton was so sad. He wanted to stay. We are so excited for our upcoming camping trips!!!

Braxton made this at school for me for Mother's Day. When I woke up Sunday morning, Brad had practiced "Happy Mother's Day Mommy" with him, and I got the cutest card and Braxton told me, "Happy Birthday Mommy" cute...must've had his Birthday on his mind yet:)

Braxton was picking me 'flowers' aka dandilions and he was so proud!!!

*This was Brad's big catch of the day! It was delicious!!! And this next photo was the Big Surprise Braxton got when he woke up. Braxton went to reel in his pole, and this is what was on the end of it:)

When it was time to go home, he tried to 'hide' so he could stay. Too cute--when he doesn't want to go home or do something he 'hides'...the mind of a 2 year old--how sweet and innocent

Lil man & me on Mother's Day after going to graduations...what a busy weekend!

Brad & Braxton planted some touch-up grass on Mother's Day. He has turned into quite the little helper.

*It has been so busy lately going and because of this, we are in the van a lot. Braxton has been so funny to ride with! We were heading home yesterday after meeting new baby Justine, and when Brad turned the corner, Braxton says, "No guys, not that way" he pointed the opposite way and told Brad, "go that way daddy". His new favorite phrase all week has been, "hey guys", or "no guys", "listen guys", "GUYS" is the new word!:)

*I can't wait to post a picture of Braxton's new haircut! It only took, Grandpa B, Grandma B, Daddy, Cousin Kenna & Cousin Carson to entertain him while I CHOPPED away!!! He used to sit so great, then...he turned 2...enough said:)

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*HAPPY WEEK to All!!!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first tree........

Braxton got his first tree from Little Saints Daycare last week for Arbor Day! So, we decided to plant it at the hope of watching it grow along with Braxton in the years to come:) He was so excited to help daddy plant it!!! Look closely, as it is super small!!!

Sunday, May 1st we celebrated Braxton's "2nd" Birthday with all his family and friends!!! This was his 'tractor' cake he wanted!
Pretty girl Cousin Charli had to help Braxton open gifts...everyone he opened, he wanted to hoard and not attempt to walk away from for the chance of a cousin touching it:)

Great Grandma Korth gave him a baggie FULL of smarties...his fav:)
**there is a little story behind it...a month ago at the firemans supper, Braxton convienently helped himself into Great Gma's purse because he saw she had 'candy' in there...and ever since, when he sees her, he wants 'candy':) It amazes me what he remembers!!!**
Braxton got his "ONE" gift he was asking for!!! A 'baset-ball and hoop'...THANK YOU Gpa & Gma P!!!!!

...making a wish...

...awwwww!!! LOVING on his rockin horse from Jesse & Uncle Lyle:)

Oh Uncle Lyle...thank you for buying all the 7 kids at the party a baby chick!!! Let me know how much we owe you for feed:)
Check out these new pajamas:)

Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday Sweet Braxton.....
Braxton had a Great 2nd Birthday THANK YOU to ALL of you for celebrating such a special day!!! Thank you for helping our house look like a mini John Deere store:) Braxton is LOVING every single gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And So are we!! Watching him be so happy playing makes us SO happy!!!