Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm starting to learn that I don't exist much in our house anymore...I'm the 'picture taker', therefore I am not in any photos... I'm the 'disciplinary' parent...therefore I'm not exactly the 'fun' one...but the biggest thing I've learned is that I CANNOT make the 'cool' tractors noises that Daddy can make...therefore Daddy is the FUN one to PLAY with!!! Ah...poor Amanda:)
So, now that I'm over that----WHAT FUN we have been having at our house!!! Braxton is wanting to sit on the poddy at home, and at daycares, so that is an interesting and learning experience for us all. I'm learning that he does much better at daycare! He WANTS to go there ALL the time...and ACTUALLY goes! At home, it's more a game! Typical I hear:)
Braxton has also been learning to put sentences together. They don't always make sense, but he is quick to grab you by the hand and show you what he is wanting...which helps tremendoulsy at times. Although this morning, it was loud and clear when he came into the bedroom, pulled the pillow from under my head and said, "Mommy up, my piddo"....or "mommy i-team", which I learned means 'ice cream'!---Brad's favorite is 'i go daddy, i go daddy'! And he runs and puts his coat, hat, and boots on...them I'm the bad one who has to tell him no no, you gotta stay with mommy---that goes over REALLLL well:( Lately he seems to think if he puts a "PLEASE MOMMY" in front of things that he will automatically get what he is wanting...(and usually it works)...
Our little man will be 21 months this week! We were watching him thru the monitor the other night (which we plan to do til he moves out!!!) and we were discussing how AMAZING he is!!! Braxton has made our lives so wonderful! He brings so much joy and love to our house! I need to sometimes tell myself that we need to be thankful for what we HAVE, not to dwell on what we think we WANT in life...and we HAVE everything in life we NEED! WE LOVE OUR LITTLE MAN!!!
Being S*I*L*L*Y
You've all heard of Noah's Arc...Braxton is making his own...with pigs, horses, ducks and moos

...and here is Braxton's new 'horse'
Chillin' with daddy eating PEZ---(Uncle Chad's Fav)
We will never outgrow the laundry basket rides....
---Happy Last week of January---

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Out numbered already!!!
I am learning as time goes on, I am getting outnumbered more and more...
I had to do hair for the Hearts dance on Saturday, so Braxton got to hang out with daddy, and Grandpa B. ice fishing!!! (I had to quickly get over it as I am at work looking out my window seeing my 20 month old being pulled in a sled across a frozen pond----) I'm not sure who enjoyed it the looks of the picture I would have to say that was one PROUD Grandpa! Braxton was more excited that he got smarties and a juice box! It amazed me how warm it actually is in them little heated huts! They did catch 'some' fish...not that I could tell you what they I think it was a great day for them:)

-----Hope everyone has a great week!!!------

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it snow...let is snow...let it snow...
I hope everyone is enjoying the snow we are getting...Braxton and I went out and scooped early this morning so it was clear for church go'ers...sad to say I biffed it a few times and am a little soar...but it made Braxton chuckle as I went down:)
Braxton and I have enjoyed the weekend together as Brad was gone on a snowmobile trip...I CAN'T wait til my 'turn' to go on a trip comes up!!!---I think it is REAL soon:)
Braxton got to spend some time with Gma & Gpa Preister on Saturday while I went wedding dress shopping with a friend. Glad to say she found a dress and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! It was pretty cute when I went to get him, he was chillin' on the floor snuggled in blankets watching t.v.! If you know my child, that is unheard of!!!
To my knowledge, Brad is headed home with all of his limbs and none of them broken...Can't wait to hear stories...

Braxton helping Brad stir 'something'...he is SO into "HELPING!"
Posing in another new hat...
The 'boys' before Brad took off...Braxton is just as attached to 'hats' as his father!
So..someday Braxton will not enjoy this photo...let the fun times of potty-training begin:(

So I am trying to 'entertain' Braxton the best I can to keep him on the poddy...@ 5:30 this morning, making 'hats' out of his blanky was all I could come up with..but it worked!!! Desperate times for mom here...Feel free to pass any potty-training tips my way...

******************Have a Great week!********************

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY 2011!!!
Happy New Year!
We brought in the New Year up town at the Lindsay bar. It was a great time being out with friends! Thanks to Gma & Gpa B for keeping Braxton over night...
We had a very fun weekend being home with Braxton!!! Saturday we played so many toys, and went to church, (I'm thankful the cryroom was packed--Braxton was entertained by all the adorable kiddos his age!) and after church Gma & Gpa B stopped by with Kenna & Carson...the kids had fun playing and showing off to one another.
Today, (Sunday) Brad took off early this morning to take our dogs hunting (it's ALL about the dogs:) So, Braxton helped me take down all our Christmas decor---I know, I know, it's too soon, but if you've never been to our house, then you don't understand how limited we are on space! He did a great job putting ornaments away and carrying things to the storage room with me! He is SUCH a helper. It amazes me each day how much older he is acting! I love it!!!
Then, tomorrow, back to the normal swing of things...Hope everyone has a great start to the year!
Braxton enjoys going up and down the steps alone! (still makes me nervous!)
I really don't know what we are doing here...but it must've been funny to us both:)

Brad & Braxton were 'fixing' my light fixture...
His favorite thing right now is dragging random things into our bedroom and playing...

We've been spending a lot of time outside sledding! I swear it takes 20 mins to get him then we have to stay outside for so long to make it worth while!
Carson*Kenna*Braxton...checking out to see if Gpa is still at the table...
Carson is big into "wrestling", so he was teaching Braxton some moves...he didn't seem bothered by Carson body slamming him...haha
Say hello to our new 'puppy'. He is big into 'pretending' he is a puppy. Even carries a puppy puppet around (from daycare) and pants like a dog...oh let the games begin:)
Good luck to those of you who set new year's resolutions...and best of luck sticking to them! I am terrible, so I decided not to even attempt...I'm a quitter before starting:)