Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! Brad, Braxton and I spent the holiday in Fountain, Colorado with my (Amanda's) Sister, hubby, and 2 kids! It was a great drive both ways! We have made the 9 hour trip a few times now, and each time we get nervous, but it's for nothing because Braxton travels so well! Whew!!! My sister is a FABULOUS cook/baker, so we of course gained our holiday 'pounds'! The kids played every toy are some pictures for you to enjoy...Conner (3) and Braxton (now 19 months!)...thanks for that reminder Jen:)
Since anyone reading this blog is old enough to know..."Santa" bought this black and decker work bench for Braxton, and I'm so excited because he had a BLAST with Conner's! Good Job Santa!
Nothing like a beating a horse while it's down...I attempted to give the kids 'horsy' rides...what a chore...good thing our boys are skinny dudes!!!
"Baby" Londyn is 8 months old and LOVED her Uncle Brad! I am sad to say I was a little (lot) jealous, but she chose Brad over me...She's too young to know better!!!:)
You can see the boys had a blast!!!
Reading books to the, I need to get an Ipad...or whatever it's called..Fun Stuff!!!
Baby Londyn riding 'auggie doggie'...So FUN!!!
He was lounged on our way home...
THANKS SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have NO IDEA where this little kitty came from, but he/she (haven't gotten that info yet) was waiting for us and is the nicest kitty ever! It has been around all evening, even followed me to the shop tonight and back home! Braxton LOVES kitties, so THANKS to whoever sent him our way, and I'm sorry to whoever is now missing their pet:)
..OHhhh...and One more suprise we got when we got home...Aunt Kelly!!! Braxton was pretty excited to share his tent with her! Thanks for stopping:) Grandma and Grandpa came too, but didn't make any pictures....oops...
So, as you can see, Braxton had a GREAT long weekend...will be curious how the week starts tomorrow...Happy Monday to all!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...and "it" strikes yet again!!! :( Yep, the flu hit Braxton late Friday night, early Saturday morning, and then hit mommy and Grandma Jody Monday--we are HOPING it stops there!!! Thankfully Brad was gone hunting again, and I can't believe it, but he did NOT get a deer! He didnt' seem to bummed about it. We will be traveling to Colorado (YAY!) for Thanksgiving, so getting it butchered and jerky made before then wasn't really an option. SO, unless he saw a 'wallhanger' for my living room, he wasn't going to shoot just anything. (Can't say I'm bummed either!) Although, now it's fair game for me in December to bring the "wall hanger" home!!! Ahh, the competition between a husband and wife:)
We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your time spent with family and friends! I will have TONS of pictures to share with you when we get home! I can't wait to see how our 'non-sharing 1 1/2 year old' does with his 3 1/2 year old cousin and 8 month old cousin...hmm, should be interesting! Happy shopping to all you CRAZIES out there!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

...And deer season is off to a I became a 'hunting widow' for a few days! Braxton and I got to hang out doing our usual! Playing tractors, farm, blocks, reading books, nap and church. I know, I know, we lead a crazy life!:) I did get away with a friend Saturday to a craft show, to find out when we got home that Brax slept the ENTIRE time!!! Brad hasn't made it home from the 'mighty hunt' just yet...we are hoping for a wall hanger...let me detail that...we are hoping for a 'wall hanger' to be hung at the shop office:)
Who needs siblings when you have a GIGANTIC duck to pull around?!As every kid loves to help, so does ours! Ohhh...and DO NOT be fooled, it looks as if Brad is doing dishes---HAHAHAHA--he is mixing up deer jerky! Notice the mess and cupboards left open, yep, that's how they remained once he was done:)
After that hard work of helping dad, they sat down to dunk some oreos:)

This is one of the pics off Brad's deer cam...we are hoping he comes home with this or BIGGER!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Saying '18 months' makes Braxton sound so little, but '1 1/2' makes him sound like a BIG BOY! His vocabulary is growing each day. He loves to say 'baby' for some reason, and so I've been asking him if he is 'a baby', and of course, he's got the head shake and NO down!!! No is also one of his new favorite words. Makes Brad and I chuckle when he actually uses it in the correct, 'should we go to bed?', or 'do you want to come inside?'....:)
We all got over the flu after a weeks time, from Braxton, to I, to Brad, to Grandma...and hopefully it ended there. I guess a good friend told me that when your kid gets sick from daycare, that means they must be good at sharing! (haha) True in a twisted way, right?!

Braxton has upgraded to a booster seat. I still can't bring myself to put the high chair away though:) If you look closely, the drill has masaquered the cupcake...ahh...what a boy!!!As I was making lunch one day, he brings me his 'little people' movie, so I put it in, turn around minutes later, and he has pulled himself a chair, and enjoying his mac n cheese!!! And you can't forget, he NEEDS the cowboy boots on for EVERYTHING he does!!!
A BEA-U-T-I-F-U-L little Bat girl, teaching my little cow how to share! And Superman and Chad scoping out the 4wheeler...Harper probably wondering why it isn't motorized like his!

a tired little cow with Grandma and Grandpa P
Not exactly the best family photo...Brad looks ..well, eh, drunk? I've got a goofy crooked smile, and Braxton thinks we are pretty funny:) P.S...he wasn't really drunk:)
Great Grandma Korth with a little cow, Pretty Cheerleader, and a dirty Knight
The school hosted an aweome Trick or Trunk, but Braxton was a stray cow trying to find the playground!
I think it's his messy hair that makes me LOVE this photo so much!
He just looks so sweet and innocent:)