Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 4th July!  We stuck around for the long weekend, due to it being Lindsay's Q125!  The weekend was jam packed with so  much....volleyball, softball, grilling competition, outhouse races, arm wrestling, kids activities, tractor rides, trail rides, and so much more!  
We did a few fireworks at home...Braxton of course, was a little scared.  Right after we assured him that none would fly his way, one took off right towards the garage...right at him....thankfully didn't hit him...needless to say, he was scared from there on...
 Grandpa Bob took Braxton home one evening so we could finish working...hmmm...not sure Grandpa should be doing 'cookies' on the lawn mower, but they both were giggling so hard, it was tough to tell them that probably wasn't safe....the things Grandpas can get away with.  Grandpa let us plant our pumpkins and gourds at his shop, and they are starting to look great!
 Braxton got to go to Humphrey Library every Tuesday in June for reading hour.  They did projects every time, and even got a dinosaur egg to take home and hatch....after 4 days, we got our dinosaur!  He is so proud of it!
 Our Q125 float

 My little stud had a blast throwing candy!!!
 A little BB gun target practice....

 Braxton's strawberry patch!
 My garden always starts out nice, and then turns into a lot of work...but I thought I'd share a picture anyways...