Monday, January 30, 2012

A lot Of Everything...

Things have been so busy lately!!! (sigh) And I know we are just getting started!!! Brad and I are on the Fun Night Committee..which is one of the biggest fundraisers for our parish. It is fun being a part of something so big, but nerve-racking knowing A LOT is on our shoulders!! We have had sooo many meetings and preperations...and on Saturday, the 28th, the big night went on and it was GREAT!!! More details and pictures to follow...for now...let's get back to Braxton:)

As I was picking up toys before bed, I had to stop in my tracks and just take this in. Braxton had his bull driving the tractor as you see...and the tow truck, with 2 tow ropes hooked up to pull it out...ohh, the imagination:)
It kind of appears he is looking at me, but really he was focused on the t.v. behind me...he looks so seriuos!
Brad took off work early today to go get Braxton and take him ice fishing!!! What a fun surprise to Braxton!!!! I'm so lucky that my shop window can see the Lindsay puddle where they was adorable! I snuck down quickly inbetween clients to snag some photos:) To my understanding, both boys put a pole in the water...and Braxton caught all 11!!!
This picture makes me cry happy tears!! ***LOVE*** my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight I put capri lounge pants on...(a little behing on laundry) and Braxton stared at me for a bit before saying, 'umm, mom..I think you need to pull your short pants down' So, we had a quick fashion tip about what capris are:)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Awhile ago we got him this shark hat, but he didn't want to wear it because it was scary...suddenly we don't leave the house without it:)

Ever since we had Braxton, Brad has told me that, 'everytime you go shopping it doesn't have to be "Christmas" for Braxton'..but then I started noticing, he is JUST AS BAD AS ME!!! The very same day he told me this, he ended up buying him a tractor and wagon while we were at Bomgaars:) In my defense, I ordered this for Christmas, but it just now came in!!!
Poor kid, I made him ride home from daycare for 12 miles, with this HUGE box behind him!! He had all kinds of cute guesses at to what it was! He really wanted it to be a "john deere tractor" he informed me...

...and POOF..let me grant your wish!!! He LOVES that there is a tractor and deere on it!!

YES, it reclines, too!!!

We finally convinced him to let us move it into the living room next to Brad's recliner. I would've taken a picture of them side by side...but I was too busy fulfilling the orders they were barking at me!!! "get me books please, get me sumfin to drink please,(because YES it has a cupholder!) get me a blanket please, get me a snack"...and did I mention these were orders from Braxton and BRAD!!!

Doing a little hay bailing/hauling...


A few days ago Braxton came up to me and asked, "mommy, do you like goldfish kisses?" Not knowing what that meant, I said yep, and glad I did...He puckered up like a fish and smacked one on me! Although these things seem little to some, I share them because I don't ever want to forget the everyday sweet things he does! I love my little man...

(Right now he is curled up taking nap on his new chair, and wearing his new shoes)--hey, whatever works!!!
***I HATE that I don't have any pictures of this.....Last weekend Brad took me out on a "date". I got home from work and Braxton said, "mommy, daddy's taking you on a date and Uncle Lyle's gunna babysit me, but I'm not a baby, right mom?!??" So, by the time we were going to leave, Braxton was pushing us out the door yelling, 'GO AWAY!!!LEAVE!!!!' WOW..that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside:( To make it even better, Brad had to run back inside 10 minutes later, inwhich he thanked Lyle for coming, asked Braxton if he had fun, and told him we were home for the night...poor kid started to tear up..didn't want Uncle Lyle to leave!!! So, at the age of 2.5 our child prefers us to be gone...and I suppose this will never change....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Look at me...

I think that these next two photos are quite funny...Braxton's new personality is shining through..

These 'teeth' are from Grandma Sherri---there's a sucker on the other end...which he thoroughly enjoyed:)
Reguardless of what ya'll think....Braxton WANTED to wear this to school last week:) I SWEAR!!! (he got a bunch of ties from a 2nd cousin...and when he asked if he could wear it, I told him he needed a special shirt to wear a tie...well, he got to go to the ortho with me, and we went shopping...where I found the special shirt...the very next day he remembered and insisted on wearring it to school;) some say nerd...some say handsome...say whatchu want;)


Funny story time!!!

A few weeks ago, I got home from work and Brad was on the couch watching t.v. Braxton was rocking with me in the chair...I was telling Brad a story, and Braxton politely patted my hand and said,

"mom, I think he probly not listening to you"

And, ENOUGH said!!! How smart this child is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

RECAP 2011
While Brad & I were engaged and going to our marriage classes with Father Jim, he repeatedly told us that it is all about making memories...not how much money you have, not what possesions you own, but making memories! Whether it be going out to eat, or to church, or a small vacation, the memories will always be what you remember, and what matters! For a man who has never been married, he seems to have all the answers! Brad & I really did enjoy our sessions with him. We said it was like counseling before you actually need it:)
Father also told us that our first year of marriage would be the hardest. At the time, we didn't quite know what he meant. I mean, we were newly weds, having the time of our lives, all happy and in love, not many cares in the world...and then it hit us....when he said it would be the hardest year, he didn't necessarily mean that we would have a huge fight, or have a falling out, or kick one out because the toilet seat was left up, or the toothpaste wasn't rinsed out of the sink...he was trying to tell us to be prepared to face challenges together, as times will get hard. Unfortunately, he was did turn out to be the hardest year...
In our first year of marriage, we lost Brad's Grandpa Korth in a horrible farm accident. On New Year's Eve we lost Brad's other Grandpa Busselman. The following March our niece, Charli was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer...(which I want to add, that she is doing GREAT now!!!!!!) I know that everyone has to deal with hard things in life, I don't want to sound like a downer, or to make it look like I am wanting sympathy, I am just simply saying that Father was correct...the first year of marriage had many ups and downs for us....but, together, we made it through. We always reflect back on the memories we had with both Grandpa's...and it keeps us smiling. The times when Braxton makes silly jokes and doesn't even realize it, that's when he reminds us of Grandpa Art, and when he is stubborn, yet makes us turn our heads and laugh because it's just too funny, that's Grandpa Glenn shining through. I wish Braxton could have met them, but the stories and memories we will share with him over the years, he will feel like he knew them!
Over 2011, we have made many memories with family and friends! The things that stand out to me right now are:
~Our first trip to Las Vegas (while Braxton got to spend days with all his Grandma's & Grandpa's) and the memories he made there are priceless!!!
~Braxton & Brad & Grandpa John's first ice fishing trip to the puddle
~family trip to Colorado
~many many many hours spent in the yard working on our retaining wall
~Brad turned 3-0!
~Braxton turns 2!
~Lots of camping trips and fishing
~Sibling trip to Lake McConaughy
~Braxton learns his ABC's
~Braxton's first deer hunting trip with daddy
~the Elf, Santa arrives!
...and the most important highlight of 2011, Braxton becomes potty-trained!!!!!!!!
There were many more memories made, too:)
It is hard to believe that we have had our little miracle for almost 3 years now!!! Where in the world does the time go?!?!?!? He has brought more joy to our lives, more smiles than I could have ever imagined, and more laughter than one would ever know!!! And let me add, he has tried our patience waayyy more than we would've ever thought possible!! BUT, we LOVE every second with him!!! Thank you Braxton for the best years of our lives, and we cannot wait to see what memories he brings in the years to come!!!!
I had to share this picture again...I will never forget the day he went on the potty!!! Happy happy joy joy for us all:)
Happy New Year to you all....and Make the Best out of every second of 2012!!!