Sunday, April 26, 2009

9 monthspregnant!!!

We had a busy weekend!! My grandma Preister got married this weekend in Genoa, and I had a cousin also get married in Norfolk. We opted to not travel further away from our Norfolk Dr, so we only made it to my cousin's wedding. It was nice to get out and see friends, classmates, and family!!! Here is a picture our tv stand took when we got home...thank goodness for camera timers:)
We head back to the Dr tomorrow morning again....I will be sure to keep you all posted!


  1. isn't 40 weeks...10 months?!!
    4 wks x 9 months = 36 weeks...
    4 wks x 10 months = 40 weeks?!!

    you two looked cute. were you both in brown????!!!! :-)

  2. You looked beautiful, Amanda. I remember I went to a wedding the day my first daughter was due...but I looked like a walking circus tent! My ankles were so swollen so I made a long dress (the fashion way back then) to cover them! She wasn't born until a week later! Brad, you look good, too :o) We are so anxious to see that new baby...soon ;o)