Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The adorable diaper cake!!!

Me and the yummy cake!

Side profile really shows how BIG I am!!!
Charli and I....
Opening my wonderful gifts! With my sister Jen in the backround recording it all!

Brenda and I...

Jen, Mom and I (and baby!)

Conner attempting to swipe my duckies!!!
Good thing 'daddy' came to help load all the gifts at the end...doesn't he look thrilled to be there?!
Conner and Charli...

WOW!!!!! The shower turned out awesome! We were a little worried with the weather and our guests traveling, but the day turned out great! Brad and I got so many wonderful gifts...not sure where they will all go, but slowly we are finding a spot for each one! Thank you to everyone who ventured out, and thank you especially for traveling in the crummy weather! My dad, Chad, Brad, and Conner came at the end to help haul all the loot away...thankfully! They made multiple trips:)

After the shower was over, we invited my family over for supper...inwhich Brad took over! He was a grilling machine!:) It was a fun weekend spent with family! I can't wait til Baby Busselman arrives and everyone comes back to visit!!!

Thanks again to Jen and Brenda for ALL their hard work and time they put into the shower! It was Great!!! ...and So much appreciated!

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  1. "Brad and I got so many wonderful gifts..."

    I hate to break it to you, but those gifts weren't for you -- they are for the baby!! :-)

    You had a great turn out for the shower! How fun to have everyone together to celebrate your family and enjoy time together! Thanks for letting us crash your house!