Saturday, May 30, 2009


~It is SO nice to be home!!! It has been pretty busy this past week of being home!!! First, let me start by saying Braxton is doing GREAT!!! He is eating A LOT!!! Which they (Omaha Dr's) said to feed him as often as he wants...he has a lot of catching up to do! They say babies know when to stop eating when they are full...wish I had that instinct! We met with a new pediatrician in Columbus this past Thursday...which we REALLY like!!! (thanks Preister's for sharing him with us!) Braxton is up to 9 pounds 5 ounces!!! When we left Omaha he was 8 he's gaining!!! Dr said all looks well...we will do a follow up in Omaha in a few weeks as well!
~We also made a trip to Columbus earlier this week to run some errands. Braxton did GREAT!!! He didn't make a peep until we got back home and were pulling in the garage...I think we got a good little shopper on our hands(he doesn't get that trait from daddy!) Actually, thinking now...Braxton went to Columbus 3 times this week!!! We are just so excited to take him out and show him off! Brad took him Friday night to Carson's (our nephew) teeball game. I unfortunately worked...:( ...sounds like they all had a good time! Anyways, just wanted to update you all. Things really are going great. THANK YOU again to all of you for your prayers, the food, the visits, the phone calls, the text, the emails, the candles you lit for him, the cards that were sent, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

ready to smile!!!
Going to the ball game with daddy!!!
Asleep on daddy...(daddy doesn't know mommy took this!)


  1. ahhh, looks like they are zonked! that is the life!! how precious!!

    SO GLAD you are home and able to get out and do these fun things now :-)

  2. Braxton looks excited to go to the ball game with daddy in that picture! He is such a cutie -bug! XXXOOO