Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our "Fighter"

Braxton received this Tuesday night from Grandma and Grandpa Preister...Brad thought he should wear it tonight....

All his feedings went well today!!! They did a heart scan today to look and see further into the heart murmur they may be hearing. We feel confident that we will get a good report back tomorrow from the Dr.

Sounds like we should know more in the morning.....I will post as soon as we know if we are homeward bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!................home...........seems like so long since we have been's been a long week away...Thanks again for all of you who are praying for us, it means so much to us to have all of you!


  1. Braxton you look so handsome in your firefighter hat! Glad to hear everything is going well. Praying you ALL will be heading home soon!! See you soon,The Widhalm's

  2. What a handsome little firefighter!! He looks great and it sounds like you have had a really good day. I hope you all get to sleep in your OWN beds on Friday night. Wishing you GREAT NEWS tomorrow. Love Chuck & Janice

  3. I hope that all the news is good news and that you're home already when you read this! What a cute photo. I was hoping to get over to visit yesterday so I could maybe hold him! - Tammy Korgie