Thursday, June 18, 2009


We've got a BIG BOY on our hands! We went to Omaha Wednesday for a follow up appointment for Braxton. He weighs over 11 pounds!!! (and is only 7 1/2 weeks old!) The appointment went very well. The Dr gave us the good news that there will be no long term effects or anything from his surgery! He will grow to be a normal, awnry boy! What a relief!!! I do have to brag about how well he did! He slept the whole way to Omaha, and even while mommy shopped a bit! He did great on the way home, too! I told Brad I'm going to make him into a good little shopper...bring him up right! ha ha

~We were very confident that his appointment would go well, but it is always so nice to be reassured! The Dr's at Children's are SO amazing!!! We are SO thankful for them!!!

~Hope everyone has a great Father's Day!!!


  1. Your right, he is a BIG boy!! Strong too.....look at him hold that head up!! He's adorable....glad he was good for you on your trip to Omaha...that always makes for a better trip. Take Care! Melissa Fowler

  2. We are so glad you got that news you have been waiting for!! "knowing" everything is okay and hearing it from the dr.s can be just enough to breath easier at night :-)

    the preisters

  3. He is such a charmer with those big bright eyes! I'm glad the doctor's appointment went well. It is obvious he is doing great and you guys are such good parents! We enjoy our time with Braxton and are amazed at how much he changes with each visit! God is good!