Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was jam packed full of fun stuff! It started Friday... Braxton got to meet his Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Conner for the first time, and they got to watch him the entire day while mommy and daddy worked :( but they had a the looks of the pictures I am seeing!
Friday night we attended the Relay 4 Life at Pawnee Park. It was hot, but amazing to see all the people pull together and raise so much money! I had a 'spray paint' booth set up. I made up some patterns and painted hair most of the night (thanks Daddy for taking care of Braxton!) A HUGE thank you to all my helpers who took time out of their busy schedules to help paint some hair! I wish I had pictures to show...we had colored rainbows, polk-a-dots, hearts, stars, cancer ribbons, flowers...stripes, you name it, we painted it!!! It was a blast!
Saturday we prepped all day for baptism that was on Sunday. Braxton's special day went well. We got to hang out with family all day!!! Its was GREAT~
Enjoy the pictures!

Laughing smiles caught on camera!

My first relay!!!!!!!!!!!(thanks Aunt Brenda for the outfit!)

Getting Baptized!!!!
*The Godparents! *Lyle, *Kelly, Father, Braxton, Amanda, Brad, *Brenda, *Chad
All the Grandparents who are spoiling him!!!
John, Sheri, Deb, Jody, Bob

The four generations...Frances, Sheri, Brad & Braxton
The awnry 2 that are only 7 1/2 weeks apart...hope they always look this innocent!!!
Baby Harper and Baby Braxton

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  1. Great pictures! Braxton is getting so big and has such a cute smile! The girls LOVED their hair painting! I think I took some pictures on Brenda's camera (believe it or not I forgot mine!) It was a great weekend and the baptism was really fun to be with all the family! Love you all!