Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here are some pictures from Braxton's busy weekend! He enjoyed his weekend of running around! It started Friday night...he went to the Lindsay Holy Family football game..BIG win!!! (Way to go guys!!!)Saturday night, our firemen hosted the NEBRASKA game on big screens and a steak dinner... Sunday, Braxton got to go to a 80th birthday party for his great-great aunt and uncle!!! ...he also got to experience a little turtle dove hunting this morning!!! To our surprise, the sound of a gun didn't seem to phase him...he actually fell asleep!:) Enjoy the pics! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

his new bumbo seat that he LOVES!!!

Cousin Harper (7weeks apart) and Braxton

Braxton with his Cousin Charli and Cousin Harper before the Big Lindsay Football game...(and NO, we did not plan for the boys to wear matching shirts...) (yes, Brenda, I KNOW you had yours first:)

Braxton was still pretty fired up after the game! GO BULLDOGS!

Braxton with Great Gramma and Great Grampa Frauendorfer
Braxton with daddy in his new truck

Just hanging out at "uncle" Lyle's house while we hunted...

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  1. Great pictures, Amanda! Thanks for keeping us all updated with Braxton's busy life :o)XXXOOO