Monday, December 14, 2009

So much to tell about!!! The last few weeks at the Busselman household has been a little rough...Braxton had the roto-virus, then I (amanda) got sick, and now Brad is sick. We are just praying that Braxton doesn't get it back!!! Forgive me for the pictures I'm sharing with you are not in order of events...I think there are a lot of new faces taking pictures with Braxton!

Daddy was eating a cookie, and Braxton reached for a chunk and put is straight to his mouth...does that count as his 'first' cookie?!?!?

Brad was showing him what snow was...but he was more interested in seeing outside!!!

and here it starts!!! Looks like someone found the Christmas tree! Thank goodness for shatterproof bulbs!!!
At the Preister Christmas with Great Grandma(Preister-now Louis) and Great Grandpa

daddy, Braxton, and mommy @ Preister Christmas
Getting ready to leave Christmas...but not without a picture with Gma and Gpa P!

One of these times he is going to learn how to fold laundry!!
Looks a little uncertain of "unlce Lyle" :) ...shortly after this photo Braxton broke down into tears...sorry Lyle!--if you visit more often he won't be scared! Actually, I think it's the hat...hats seems to frighten him.

Gramma Debbie came over to see me!
...and so did Grandpa Bob! Gramma Jody didn't get in the picture..sorry!
there's that tree again!
i REALLY want him to learn to do laundry!!! Maybe I can teach him and Brad at the same time?!
Well, it's no wall hanger, but it's by far the biggest doe I have ever shot...and yes, it was COLD out!!! ( so don't make fun of my clothes Brenda!)
who needs bottles when he can drink out of a cup!?
and here Braxton is with Great Gramma Korth
Playing farm with Cousin Carson
and we wouldn't have the fun farm set with out Aunt Megan and Uncle Chad! THANKS---Brad..I mean, Braxton loves it:)

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  1. it would be in my best interests if braxton did not teach any of these 'big boy' things to harper, so please let him know!
    I hope to see him before christmas, but if not he will seem like a grown man since the last time we saw him. cutie-cutie