Sunday, September 19, 2010

...And so it begins...
It wasn't too long ago that Braxton was 'attached' to mommy and Brad's comment was, "Don't get used to it", and so he was right!!! Brad cannot leave Braxton's sight, and when he does, it makes for a very sad little boy:( That leads to our next problem...Hunting Season!! Brad has this idea that a 17month old can go deer hunting for a weekend!!! He's crazy, right?!! While I think it would be adorable, and fun for them both, selfishly, I CANNOT go that long without my little man!!!(meaning Braxton of course:) I think it is time that I realize this may be my last 'hunting season' with Braxton at home with me. We have agreed that once he is poddy trained, then he can go! (MAYBE) I suppose that will be just around the corner as well...a task that I am not quite ready to, all you parents, if you got poddy training advice, we are all ears!!!
Okay Okay, while I am saddened that he wants to take him deer hunting, I am not that big of a fun hater...I realize the day will come, so I got Braxton the 'gear' to get him prepped...

Totally reminds me of the 'Christmas Story' movie...he really was able to move well in this though:)
I'm not sure how well you can see this, but when I blew this picture up the boy's eyes are EXACTLY the same color...ahh, another traight from his father...I SWEAR someday he will resemble something from me:(

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