Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm a BiG kId

I get reminded often now by Braxton that he is "big, right mom?!" We stopped off at the grocery store in Humphrey after school one day, and he discovered their 'mini shopping carts' that was just the right size for him! He pushed it thru the 4 aisles they have:) and all I got to add to the cart was milk...these are the rest of the items he chose..

I am amazed because he actually picked out the noodles that I DO buy, the correct bread, and my favorite lettuce! He got a little healthy kick to him and grabbed an apple, informed me we have 'camel' at home...notice the SUGAR bug juice...:( he did GREAT! Maybe he will do all my shopping from here on...

Brad got him some ear (cover thingy) for hunting...and his new can see his 'i shoot you' coming out of his mouth as I took the pic! (don't worry, we are working on him only shooting deer...not people...he's 2, give me a break!)

Saturday, Brax and I took off for the state fair! (daddy had to work:() Once we FINALLY got parked and in the correct gate, we had FuN! He saw, BIG cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rode a train, and got many many toys...because you all know we don't have enough:)

He just discovered a BiG cOw!

He really wanted his picture taken by this tractor! It was ALL his idea---seriously!
I thought about buying it for him, the sticker said, $197,??0.01

I was shocked he wanted and did milk the cow!!!!

...and touched the sheep!!! Our little scardy-cat is coming out of his shell!!!!

We pulled away, and he sleepily said, "mom, I want my Grandma Jody, (yawn), I want my Gramma Sharwee, (yawn), I want me daddyyyyy...and he was out! Notice the tractor we could afford, the cultivator, anhydrous tank...and ? whatever that other thing is...he just had to have!
He was exhausted!!!

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