Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't's the only way I get pictures of Braxton and me!!!
I was mowing, and Braxton went into the garage and off he went...
...I smile because he knows to stay in a straight line:0) that's my boy!
..and turn around and keep going:) For those of you who know me, you know that I don't allow anyone to mow my yard except me because I want straight I KNOW all of you are going to check out my mowing lines from here on, aren't ya?!??! (But, I think I may let Braxton mow for me when he gets older!heehee)
I told these cheese balls to get dressed..look closely, I even brought them the clothes..but instead they were hiding under the blankets:)Just so ya'll know..YOU OWE ME!!!! I was the one who brought back this beautiful weather for you to enjoy;) Brad had a convention in Orlando last week, so while he did that...I did this....
...this was our awesome resort!!!..I know I know...not exactly the best beach bods out there...but trust me, we saw worse!!!!lol!!
..once again...this is how I photgraph to get pics with my boys!
*****Braxton's newest things*****
When he gets mad at me for something, I hear... "you're not my best friend anymore!!!" Breaks my heart, but he's 2...I get over it!
Brad lately hears..." your the best dad"'s been tough at my house being mom:(

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