Monday, April 30, 2012

Turning 3 all weekend...

Braxton had a blast Friday on his birthday!!  He got to take treats to school!!!  He was so excited, I had to remind him to kiss me goodbye when I dropped him off:)
(Pardon my unorganized pictures..they loaded weird on me....)
We took Braxton to the zoo on Sunday.  I think it is our new tradition.  He REALLY wanted to see Cheetas!  But, was a little scared, so to see them we hopped on the train and did a drive by.  He LOVED the train so much, and was a little sad to have to get off...
 Our silly monkey on the ape.  I told him to smile, and this is what I got:)
 I was surprised at how much he liked the butterflies!!!  He was pointing to a purple one! 
 the silly fat penguins, as Braxton put it:)
 He was anxious to see monkeys!!!  They were holding their babies, it was sooo cute!
 Brad found a battery for our 4wheeler we had...he LOVED this!!!  His 'brain bucket' as him and his father call it, is from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jody.  It also came with a 'ding-bell' as he says..he put that on his bike!
 Shooting his new bow and arrow from Grandma Deb...this thing could be trouble  ( just's plastic nerf)
 I told him to give everyone at his party a hug before he opened his presents...and he DID!!!  I just thought this was so adorable of these 2!!!  That's Harper, his cousin...7 weeks younger than Brax!  he's a big boy who wears boxers!!!{and is sooo proud of them}
 the big boyz table...Uncle Lyle*Brad*Uncle Jesse*Braxton
{none of them are REALLY his uncles:)}
 At the strong request of an almost 3 year old, this is his SANTA MICKEY cake!  I didn't realized until I was downloading the pictures, that he was helping hold his sweet:)
 Chillin' the night of his birthday!
 We got him this cute little picnic table that I believe he will outgrow tomorrow...oops!
 I thought this pic was funny...look at him dashing to me to open another present!
 Happy Birthday--early morning...
 Braxton's NEW BED he picked out!!!  And his new thomas sheets he also picked out (against my wanting..but hey, I gave in)  All them toys in the head board are from the Widhalm's and he HAD to put them there and will not let me move them!!!  They belong there he says:)
 These 2 cheezeballs had a giggling good time sitting there eating.  He ate really well with an older cousin as a good example!
 Our Mickey Mouse cream filled chocolate cupcakes!!!

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