Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Day

It dawned on me, that as much as I think I will remember all the cute things Braxton says and does, I know I will forget!!!  So, here they are getting jotted down in the blog.
Whether it happened an hour ago, yesterday, last week, last month, or a year ago, Braxton refers to it  as, "the last day"..."mom, remember at daycare the last day"..."dad, at Deb Bender's the last day I rode in the combine"..."when we went to church the last day I shared my toys"...As often as we correct him, he says, "I know mom, it was the last day"...  He has moved into the next level/room at daycare with Miss Becky!  He REALLY seems to be enjoying his 'homework' as he refers to.  The papers he has been bringing home are unbelievable!  They are cutting, pasting, markering...whew!!  that takes P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E to deal with all them 3 year olds I would think!  I am so excited everyday to see what new project he has done!
Well, backtracking to the end of July, or new appliances went 'wrong', very, very wrong.:(  Brad was out West helping fight the fires, and I worked late that night, came home and went to bed, only to awake to a pool indoors.  We had some water damage to the kitchen, basement living room, furnace room, spare bedroom, and bathroom.   

 It got to the point where Brad strongly urged me to get the floor picked out, and soon!!  It was just so hard to decide.  So, I stepped out of the box, and wild I went!!  
In the mean time, we FINALLY completed our Memorial Day weekend project!  The playground/park is FINISHED!!!!!
 This gigantic longhorn was Brad's when he was little...

 Braxton made me a smily face..Do ya'll see it?!??!?!
 Argh Mate-ees!!!  Braxton loves "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", so I ordered him this costume...hoping I'm covered for Halloween!?!?!?  (fingers crossed) 
Check out that sweet floor...Braxton was so sad, it hurt his 'little feets' he told us:(
 What little was left of our old floor..Braxton helped tear out...
 And a view of the NEW!!!  Obviously, trim isn't done yet and vents, but you get the idea!
 So, I miiiggghhttt have ran over the sprinkler with the mower this summer, so the boys were repairing it!
Inappropriate in sooo many ways, but if this doesn't make you smile, than you need to get a sense of humor!!!  Sorry Braxton, but it was just too cute:) 

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