Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2nd PLACE!!!

Gosh!!!!---I'm behind at  updating our lives! In a nut shell...Braxton got over the flu...I got the over it...Brad got chicken pox YES, chicken pox..he is slowly getting over them...and now here we are!
Braxton did the Knights Of Columbus Ice Fishing Tourney and got 2nd place, with 8 fish!  His daddy was P.R.O.U.D!!!!!  (and so was I !)
 He is sooo proud of his trophy!!!!  As soon as he got home, he cleared his dresser and made room for it!
 The fellow fishermen/women in his age bracket!
 FOR SALE:  1997 Wilderness....we luckily got to upgrade... I will share pictures of that soon:)
 Out for a ride:)  We are getting MAJOR cabin fever at our house!!!
Hope everyone reading this is healthy!!!

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