Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Christmas...

Braxton's new Jammie's;)
O boy!?
We caught santa!!!!!!!!!!!
Eating Oreos.... Braxton said he just had to eat two because he touched them.   And they had his germs!!  
Duck kisses;)
A night out with great high school friends!!
Braxton patiently waiting to open his present from great grandma Korth!!
He loves it!!!!!
Frauendorfer Christmas!   
He was so excited to see grandpa, grandma, and roger!!!
This brings tears to my eyes!!!!!   Grandpa was just watching him as he talked miles a minute!
Present time!!!
Ok.  So growing up I was scared of uncle Paul....Braxton loves him and doesn't understand what there is to be scared of?!?!!    Hmmm....his 6'4 height???? 12 inch long beard?????? Hair to the waist???(ok, hair doesn't scare me) his gruff voice!??!?!!?? 

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