Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April is here!

We moved my grandma Preister-Louis to genoa af we weeks ago. I had so much fun cleaning with my aunts while the guys loaded e old house up.  We did a lot of playing since Braxton was along.  From 830 am til 6pm..he was such a good helper!!!!!!    He was thrilled when Great uncle Dale gave him a semi ride. Even if it's as only from the front yard to the back, he was satisfied!   Someday as you read this Braxton, I bet you will remember all e ings you loved to do as a kid....don't worry, I'll post the naughty things you do too:)

While cleaning/snooping, we found these gems!
Oh boy!
Braxton mentioned it hurt to chew.  After a day I decided to check it out thoroughly.  Poor little man had a bad soar.  It cleared up within a few days. But don't still weren't a good eater even after it cleared.  Always an excuse for you to not eat!!!
This is what you looked like with long hair!  Ha.  You kept saying you wanted hair like Grandpa Bob, "like big and poofy".  Whatever that means I didn't know....but I couldn't take it anymore.  You had to get trimmed!!!!!!!!
Your father has been taking you shopping weekly (while mom worked Saturdays) and you've been getting to sit on four wheelers....daddy thinks as a soon to be 5 year old, you NEED is......time will tell....
I. Will.  Never.  Get.  Tired.  Of taking cute sleeping pics!   You managed to stay this way all night!    3 weeks away from 5, and we are stating to sleep all night long!!!!!!!! Yyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry buddy!   It was your idea to have me take your picture:) but probably didn't want it posted!
Every time I take a picture, he tells me whether or not the "whole world" can see it...referring to me posting it to Facebook.  

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