Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where does the time keep going?!

He said he was tired....so he made himself a bed...
Braxton's surprise!!!!   His 5th birthday present!!!  I love his face!!!
This should've been before the other reveal pic....
We were all pretty excited!!!
Whoooaaaa hotrod!!!    Grandpa and grandma Preister got him his helmet!!!
I just love his poses!!
Superhero mashers from the Widhalms!
I asked Brad to fill a few balloons In each color....too bad he doesn't listen when I talk, and he filled  all 72!   Yep, didn't bother to stop him;)
My attempt at a superhero cake!!!
My wonderful friend Sarah helped with the fist...the hardest part!!
Pretty proud of our cakes!   We are calling ourselves "cakes and booze" 
A little decorations for the party.  Braxton came home from school telling me how he told his friends about his party they were all being invited to.....well, guess we are having a party I said then!
Some of the wild boys!!
Gavin Friesen, Logan Wiese, Max Stegner, Braxton, Isaiah Herchenbach, Tucker Czarnick (Harper didn't want in the picture)
It was hard keepin track of them all!
Such good boys....wonder how many more years til I change my thoughts on that.  Haha
Braxton had a great day of celebrating!!! Then, we headed to cousin Angela and Marcus' wedding!   Such a busy weekend!!!!

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