Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Preschool Graduation!!! May 7, 2014

Our morning started off very well...these were the gifts he gave his teacher, and substitute. 
And the cupcakes for his fellow classmates!
So proud!!!!
And then the excitement came to a crash:( he appears to be doing the pledge if allegiance, but really he's crying facing the wall, inwhich he remained to do through the entire program. 
Until Emma's dad came out in uniform and was given a special award for serving for our country. Then, Braxton was great.  Little TERD!!!
Grandmas and Grandpa attended!
Way yo go Braxton!!
Mrs. Sunderman
The three boys!!  Brax, Gavin, & Max
Happy it's over!
A little ice cream making!!!
After graduation he gave the gmas and hpw a ride on his four wheeler and then we planted the garden!!!!

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