Friday, September 12, 2014

End of June =end of ball

Camping at Chief White Crane again;)
Braxton loves to give you "bunny ears" in every photo!
Even Great Gpa and Gma came!!!
Batter up!!
Great Season!  Thanks Norma Preister for coaching!!

Cheering crowd!!!
More fans!!
Even Anna from daycare came!!!!
Catching lightening bugs after the game!   Catching fireflies is like the best part of summer!!!
Eye dr visit before Kindergarten!!!!  He did great!!!!!!
He actually wanted to wear these crazy glasses afterwards!!!
We went to the Columbus watermark...til the clouds over took!  We just made it to the van when it started to down pour!  So Dairy Queen for ice cream it was!!
Brad loves fireworks!!!!!
Indian!!  He made his own feather hat thing;)

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